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To Bring, or Not to Bring: Things All Spring Breakers Should Pack

If you’re going to the beach…

1.    Sports equipment – A football, volleyball or soccer ball all make great options if you are looking to take a break from tanning to get active and have fun with your friends. And you may even attract that group of guys just a few towels down.
Get it, Kim K.

2.   Portable Speakers/iPod Dock – Any beach day activity can be amped up with just a little bit of music. Just make sure you have a playlist that is long enough to keep you entertained throughout the week. No one enjoys having to listen to the same 15 songs on repeat… Even if they are all by Rihanna.

3.   Wiffle Ball Bat and Ball – Note: This is in a separate category than sports equipment solely for the reason that its purpose is not to be active but to drink. To find out how to play, click here. Searching YouTube may also be informative as well as entertaining. Just be smart about drinking on a beach because police officers know to be looking out for college kids at this time of year.

4.   Rafts – Rafts seem to be such underappreciated devices. Whether you lounge in the pool or drift down the beach, basking in the sun while lying on a raft is great. Also, they are super cheap. You can buy one when you get to the beach and throw it away at the end of the week and still get your money’s worth.

If you’re going to the mountains…

1.    Games – Enough with the Monopoly or Life, get some games that are suited to the college students (and can possibly be converted into a drinking game). Some suggestions: Balderdash, Bananagrams or Catch Phrase.
2.   Movies – To many, it is hard enough to figure out the TV in their own home. Trying to work a TV in a stranger’s mountain house is just too much of a challenge. Remember to bring movies that are well suited to the interests of the group going. For example, if you show up with the whole Twilight series and all the people with you actually have taste in movies, then you’re out of luck.

3.   Desserts – Why not make the most of the fact that unlike countless others you do not have to be bikini-ready yet? Make a night out of baking fun treats for everyone and then indulge- you don’t have to bare your belly for at least a few more weeks!

If you’re going home…

1.    Laundry – Enough said… Take advantage of your mom and a free laundry machine. You may not come back to school with a tan, but at least your clothes will be clean. 

2.   Spa Kit – You deserve to relax and be pampered (even if you’re pampering yourself). They call it Spring Break for a reason. So chill out and give your body the rest it really needs.

3.   An Open Mind – As cheesy as this sounds, you probably will find yourself spending your time at home in a sour mood thinking about your friends on their fun vacations. Come home with an open mind to that the week holds. Try to set a goal for yourself such as actually reading a book outside of class. Set up daily exercise activities like Hot Yoga or Bar Classes. Consider exploring your hometown and finding new restaurants, shops, etc. that you never knew existed. You have one week- use it wisely.

Kim Kardashian (photo): http://cdn1.sbnation.com/fan_shot_images/50995/kim-kardashian-playing-football-on-the-beach.jpg
Catchphrase (photo): http://unclesgames.com/images/products/653569409847.jpg
Guy holding laundry basket (photo): http://www.tallahasseelaundry.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/College-Guy-doing-Laundry1.jpg

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