Biting the Bullet: My Life is in Ruins RN

Okay, so my life is in freakin’ ruins right now. I have officially transcended from being a hot mess to a MESS™. As per the title, my struggles are tied to my bujo.

Let me back up and explain a little bit more. If you recall in my previous installment of “Biting the Bullet,” I ran into the problem of not having my monthly spread ready before the month began. With that in mind, I entered into April spread-less.

It was both a decision made out of laziness and curiousness. What if I just don’t journal during April? Surely bullet journaling for three months couldn’t have made that much of an impact, right?


Dead wrong. I could not have been any more wrong. Bullet journaling apparently made my life super easy for those three months. Yes, every day had multiple events and tasks, so it looked overwhelming on paper but was manageable, since I could see them and plan ahead. The trackers were great as well, since they reminded me of some basic self-care that I needed to have (exfoliation, vitamins and the like), and the mood tracker made it clear I really hated Mondays and Wednesdays. Take all of that away for a month, and what happens? Your life is in ruins.

The first few days of April were easy to manage, but as the days went on and the end of the semester crept closer and closer, things were not okay. I could not figure out for the life of me what I needed to do and when it needed to be done; it was total chaos. Disclaimer: I love chaos. It’s a super great thing to have in life sometimes, but a task-less April? That was a whole new level of chaos. If I had to note the level of chaos, it would look like CHAOSCHAOS, just so very chaotic.

You might be thinking now, “Seems like you learned a very important lesson! We’re sure that you’re going to make a spread every month!” Let me tell you that you are wrong (well, partially wrong).

Yes, I realize that spreads are really important to have, but what if the April incident was a one-time issue? As I said, there was a lot going on in April. Since the end of the semester was coming up, that definitely played a huge role in the chaos. The chaos might not be a monthly occurrence, if we follow that logic.

And we are following that logic! By the time this article is posted, I will have gone a week and a half into May without bullet journaling. Am I crazy? I don’t like that terminology, but I am definitely wildin’ out. Either way, there may or may not be an article that will be uploaded in June about this experience, so stay tuned, folks!