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Multipotentialite (n.)

A person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life.


The first time I heard this term was in a sociology class, during my senior year of high school. Our final project was to do a TED Talk on a topic of our choice. My friend did her TED Talk on her interest in pursuing multiple careers, such as a chef or a graphic designer. And how that was okay.

At that time, I had already committed to college, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do as a career, a sports broadcaster. I didn’t pay attention, to say the least.

I liked structure and planning ahead, no surprises. I still do. When it comes to my future, I wasn’t the go-with-the-flow type.

I started my first semester as a Communications and Sports Media double major at Franklin Pierce University. Now in my junior year, I didn’t just transfer schools, but I changed majors to Media and Journalism.

In Chapel Hill, I discovered my love for podcasts, graphic design and other creative outlets. I joined different clubs, with no relation to writing at all.

I know I can write; it took a while for me to strengthen my writing. But, was that what I supposed to do? Could I be just as happy doing something else?

I’ve never had more fun in a class than I did in Foundations of Graphic Design. I made my own logo and designed a promotional poster for an actual event, and I am currently working on a six-page magazine spread.

Every other week, I call my dad to tell him basically the same thing, but in a different way every time.

“I think I want to be an arts and culture reporter.”

“Do you think I could be a radio host?”

“I really like graphic design; maybe I’ll do that.”

“What about if I wrote for a magazine, not a newspaper?”

His answer is always the same, regardless of how I put it: “All you need to focus on, right now, is becoming a good writer.”

I made a real effort, this year, to do things that I felt good doing, things that make me happy. I wanted to enjoy the now.

Structure and organization will always be part of my personality. I don’t think I will ever completely be a go-with-the-flow kind of person.

But I am significantly more laid-back, and I worry less about what I should do to prepare for the career I want.

It will happen the way it was meant to happen. And that’s all the reassurance I need.

To my fellow multipotentialite friend from sociology, I am sorry for not listening to you sooner. It could have potentially saved me some time.

But, hey, I’m not worried – I’m laid back now.

Jackie Sizing

Chapel Hill '21

Hello! My name is Jackie Sizing, and I am a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. I enjoy writing about pop culture, lifestyle, and food!
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