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7 Ways to Stay Motivated

It’s that time of the year – Thanksgiving Break is roughly two weeks away, Winter Break is a month away. They both feel like years away and the schoolwork is seemingly never-ending. As hard as it can be to stay motivated during this “slump” of the semester, here are 7 ways to help yourself make it through!

1. Organize, organize, organize.

Nothing makes me feel less motivated than my room being a mess and a blank planner. Make sure to write everything you need to do in your planner, on a sticky note, or on your hand– whatever it takes! Staying organized will give you that “I have my life together” feeling (at least for a little while).

2. Remind yourself of purpose.

Why have you worked so hard for an A in this class? Why have you perfected your personal statement a million times? Don’t lose track of the motivation that you’ve had going for so long now. If you find yourself losing steam, remind yourself why you became motivated in the first place!

3. Make a countdown.

This seems silly, but I always keep a countdown paper on the calendar in my room to remind myself “Only 10 days ’till Thanksgiving break” or “Only 2 months till the New Year.” These countdowns will remind you that you don’t have to make it that much longer.

4. Set goals for yourself.

If you have something to work for that you are passionate about, why would you not be motivated? Set new goals for yourself and don’t stop working until you reach them.

5. Reward yourself.

If you get an A on that paper that you pulled an all-nighter for, get some ice cream, turn on Netflix, and enjoy your night (or whatever else might make you happy, these are my personal favorites). Staying motivated is much easier if you know that there is something waiting for you at the finish line.

6. Block out the negativity.

I know sometimes it can be so hard to do this. If it’s raining outside, you bombed your exam, and it’s laundry day, is there really something to be happy about? Our mentality dictates so much of what happens in our lives. A negative attitude does not leave much room for good motivation. Don’t let the bad days get the best of you!

7. Make time for yourself.

As college students, we can get so caught up in grades and our social lives and a million other things. Don’t forget to make time for yourself and remind yourself how far you have come and why you shouldn’t give up now. You are responsible for your own happiness. Let your happiness drive your motivation!


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