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7 Ways to Have Fun Over Spring Break When You’re Stuck at Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

Spring break is slowly but surely approaching. For some collegiates, that means a sunny trip to the Bahamas, Bora Bora, Hawaii, or some other palm tree-laden paradise. Others will be touring cities such as London, Paris, Rome and Madrid to experience new languages, foods, and cultures.

And then there are the me’s, who will be spending spring break re-establishing control over the DVR and demanding all of my favorite meals (dessert included) from my mother. Anyone else?

Spending spring break at home can be somewhat of a downer, especially once your friends start posting pictures of their tanlines on Facebook. So I’ve compiled a list of 7 ways to spice up your spring break right from the comfort of your own hometown. So don’t despair, fellow couch- dwellers!

7. Finally make all of those Pinterest recipes/ crafts/ projects you’ve been meaning to make

A vacation-less spring break is the perfect time to get your DIY on. Now that you have full access to a kitchen, a car, and nearby stores you’re familiar with, you have all the resources at your fingertips to create studded cutoff shorts, peanut butter Rice Krispie balls, or whatever else your inner Martha Stewart desires. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Banana Split Bites from The Family Kitchen

DIY Shoes

This blog is dedicated to all the quick and easy ways to makeover your shoes, with inspiration like this:

6. Rekindle an old flame (or spark a new one!)

That guy you shared a New Year’s Eve kiss with– or the guy you’ve always wanted to kiss– might be the perfect spring break companion to try new restaurants or grab ice cream with, assuming they’re home at the same time you are. Whether you’re looking for a mini- romance or just a movie night cuddle buddy, an exciting new (or old) boy can provide a much needed break from the frat stars that we encounter so often at school.

5. Have some quality mother/ daughter time

I am a dedicated Daddy’s girl and I’m not ashamed to say it, but when I’m looking for some girl time with a bestie, there’s often no better choice than my mom. Even if it’s just to get your nails done, mother/ daughter time will be the perfect break from your college friends that you didn’t even know you needed. Try out a cool fitness or yoga class in town or take a visit to a local art museum. And one of the best parts about mother/ daughter activities is that you don’t have to pay for them!

4. Make some money.

Without the constant looming of homework, club meetings, and class, you have a nice window of time over spring break to make yourself some money. Reconnect with the families you used to babysit for to see if they need any help, and since many high schools will still be in session when you’re home, your availability will be much needed. Another way to make quick money (and to de-clutter your life) is to clean out your closet. Whatever you didn’t take to college and/or haven’t worn in over 6 months needs to go. Take your clothes to a local thrift or consignment shop such as Plato’s Closet or Second Time Around. You might not get a lot of money for your old rags, but it’s easy cash and a good way to free up closet space for new purchases. Feeling philanthropic? Do the closet cleanout, but donate your clothes to GoodWill or The Salvation Army instead.

3. Have a movie “bucket list” day

Confession time: I still haven’t seen Inception. Or Dirty Dancing. Or Midnight in Paris. If you’re behind on your movie game like I am, spring break is an ideal time to catch up, especially since you’ll be on a nice couch with a large TV and unlimited snack access instead of in bed on your laptop. IMDb has a list of “100 Movies to See Before You Die” on their website which might be a good place to start. You can also use this time to catch up on your TV shows. Between SNL, GIRLS, Law & Order and New Girl, I, myself, am going to be pretty occupied.

2. Visit friends who are still in school

Few of my friends have the exact same spring break schedule as I do, so I’ve already scheduled days to visit all of their nearby schools. Though it’s nice to get a break from the college scene, I’m always down to see my friends, and visiting them at school and seeing what their lives are like is really exciting. Take a road trip to spend a night with your friend at school or just a day trip to catch their afternoon lacrosse game. You’ll get to see some beautiful new campuses and most importantly, reunite with your girls!


While the whole you’re-wasting-the-whole-day argument holds some truth, that nice big bed of yours has missed you for the past few months, and you’ve missed it too. I know you have. Don’t be ashamed to catch up on some z’s for the first few days of break– you deserve it! You can knock out the rest of this list later…

Happy spring break, collegiettes!

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Gabriella (Gabbie) Cirelli is a first-year student at UNC Chapel Hill from Andover, Massachusetts. She is currently majoring in Journalism with a minor in French. She loves running, shopping, reading, writing, and travelling, and finding new blogs to follow. She hopes to study abroad in France during her time at UNC, as well as (hopefully) score tickets to a UNC- Duke basketball game!
Melissa Paniagua is a senior journalism major at The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, specializing in public relations. She is currently a fashion market intern at ELLE Magazine. On campus, Melissa acts as the Her Campus president as well as the vice president of the Carolina Association of Future Magazine Editors, UNC’s Ed2010 chapter. In the past, she has been an intern for Southern Weddings Magazine and a contributing writer for Her Campus. Melissa has an appreciation for all things innovative, artful and well designed and hopes to work in marketing for a women’s lifestyle magazine in the future!