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7 Reasons We Shouldn’t Forget About the Joys of Thanksgiving

It’s the (maybe second) most wonderful time of the year — which probably makes it pretty obvious that I’m not talking about Christmas. As much as I love the holiday, and as much as I can’t really deny that I’m already stringing up lights and festive decorations around the apartment, I don’t think it would quite be fair to just forget about Thanksgiving. That’s why I’ve decided to cover seven reasons why we shouldn’t forget about the joys of the holiday (even if we’re already ready for the next one).


1. Food, food and a little more food.

I don’t think I could start this list any other way. I love food, but Thanksgiving food? I think that’s on a whole new level all its own. It’s the reason for the season, and it’s probably one of my favorite reasons.

2. You get to see all of your family.

Once the school year gets started, it’s all too easy to fall into a routine and not really make as much time for family as you should. It also might simply be hard to get to see them as much as you’d like, but fear not! There is no time like Thanksgiving to gather around with everyone you hold near and dear for some food and family time.

3. Black Friday shopping!

love, love, love shopping on Black Friday. That’s not even to say that I end up buying much, but I really just think it’s fun to stay out late after a day of eating food with family and shopping until your heart’s content. It’s also a great time to spend with friends or family, and I don’t think my holiday would quite be complete without it.

4. Cooking.

This might not apply to everyone, but cooking is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. I might not be cooking the actual turkey, but I love making sides and trying out new recipes that I’ve been researching on Pinterest for weeks beforehand.

5. You get some time out of school.

Thanksgiving provides a much-needed vacation from school before final papers and projects start piling up. I don’t know how I’d make it through the semester without it, so for that, I say thank you to Thanksgiving.

6. Friendsgiving.

A term I’ve only recently become acquainted with, Friendsgiving has become a new staple for my holidays. Before going home for the actual day with family, it’s also fun to have your own little Thanksgiving celebration at school (or wherever really) with your friends. You can test your cooking skills, gather around the table and have a great and festive time with some of your besties.

7. Thanksgiving Day Parades.

No Thanksgiving would quite be complete without me waking up to the sounds of a Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s one of my favorite memories from growing up. Hearing the sounds of the parade on the TV, while smelling the scents of different foods cooking on the stove and in the oven. For me, it’s the absolute best way to celebrate the holiday and just one more reason why we shouldn’t forget about the joys of Thanksgiving. 


What are your favorite parts of Thanksgiving?

Ashley Oldham

Chapel Hill '20

Ashley Oldham is a senior English and Comparative Literature and Sociology double major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In her free time she enjoys drinking way too much coffee, attempting to write the next great American novel, and going on spontaneous road trips, all in the name of procrastinating on whatever schoolwork she currently has to do. To see what she's doing next (and get bombarded with cat pictures) follow her on Instagram @ashleyyerinno.
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