5 Things to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...FALL! Even though we are still having some pretty toasty 80 degree weather in Eastern North Carolina, it is never too early to put together your fall bucket list. Here are just a few things that you should try to do this fall:

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

What screams fall more than pumpkins? No matter what age you are, going to the pumpkin patch is one of the quintessential trips of the season. Not only are there fun activities, such as riding on the hayride or finding your way through a corn maze, but it is also the perfect opportunity to pick a few (or fifty) pumpkins for your house’s fall decor. Getting your pumpkin from a pumpkin patch instead of a store gives you a bigger variety to pick from, and it offers a much more fun process. Not to mention, think of the great pictures you can snap for your Instagram!

2. Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is another great way to get out and enjoy the sweater weather! Apples from an orchard are much tastier than those from the supermarket. You can ensure that they are free of wax coatings and preservatives, and you get to skip the table and go straight from farm to mouth. Apple picking is a great group activity, whether it be with friends or family, and it is a fall tradition. There are also usually homemade jams, jellies, butters and salsas!

3. Make All of the Fall Treats

Hot drinks and yummy desserts are the best in fall, compared to other seasons; I will fight you on this. Apple cider? Pumpkin pie? Chai tea latte?? Caramel apples?? PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE?! Fall drinks and treats are best at making you feel cozier than you already are in your blanket, scarf and UGG boots. This season, skip the stores and make your own hot beverages and desserts in the comfort of your own kitchen. That way, you are closest to your couch, where you can wrap yourself up in a blanket, put on Hocus Pocus, and dig into your delicious homemade fall treats.

4. Watch Spooky Movies/TV Shows

Speaking of Hocus Pocus, your Netflix queue needs a serious change once summer transitions into fall. Fall is the season of the couch potato, and it is one of the only seasons you can be guilt-free, while the weather is chilly. Horror movies (one of the best movie genres, in my opinion) are usually the most popular choice of movies when leading up to Halloween. However, if you don’t like spooky movies, or if you think the holiday is just too far away to watch anything involving Halloween, there are still plenty of movies and tv shows that can properly get you into the fall spirit. Anything with dreamy, autumnal vibes, and even ones that involve a new school year, is perfect. A few that are waiting for me are Gilmore Girls, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Dead Poets Society!

5. Take a Hike

I know, physical activity, yuck. However, one of the best parts about the season is better appreciated when going hiking. Fall is a beautiful season; there is no denying it. It is when the leaves change into multi-colored works of art, and when there is just a bit of bite in the air. Vibrant shades of red and golden yellow are scattered everywhere, and leaves crunch underfoot. Fall is a masterpiece that needs to be properly appreciated; the best way to do this is by going hiking! While it is nice that you will also get exercise, the main reason to go hiking in the fall is for the view. There are trails that range in levels of difficulty, so it’s okay if you’re not a hiking pro! Just put on your comfiest boots, pick the easiest trail, and go!

Fall is my favorite season by heaps and loads. Between the chilly weather, the tranquil setting and the fun holiday, what else could you want? It’s the season with the best clothing (chunky sweaters FTW), the best food (pumpkin EVERYTHING) and the best sport (football, duh). Although I only listed five things that should be on your bucket list this fall, anything you do is automatically great because of the season! The possibilities are endless!