5 Simple Ways to Make Every Day Valentine's Day

After Valentine’s Day it’s easy to let your warm lovey-dovey feelings go away. But shouldn’t Valentine’s Day be every day? Here are 5 awesome tips to keep the V-Day flame alive:

1.     Plan a monthly date night

Couples tend to plan out their Valentine’s Day annually but forget to make special dates together throughout the rest of the year. It’s easy to set aside one weekend a month and find something fun to do together. These dates can be as simple as having a game night or as elaborate as going on a trip together.

2.     Be spontaneous

Bring excitement back into your relationship! Take a random road trip. Buy a surprise present. Go on a scavenger hunt. Just do something out of the ordinary to keep your relationship fresh.

3.     Get a little fancy

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the only day you dress up for your significant other. Throw on a dress every once in a while, put on your high heels, and stunt. Be fabulous.

4.     Show interest

Don’t forget to just do the basic stuff like asking about his day or trying something he likes. Sometimes doing the little things can make a world of difference.

5.     Be one of the guys (sometimes)

Get to know his friends. There’s nothing worse than a girlfriend who can’t watch a football game and eat chicken wings with the fellas. Definitely don’t let every date include playing video games or watching sports with his friends, but doing it every once in a while will show that you care.

With these five simple suggestions, you’re sure to keep the flame alive longer than just one day a year!