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5 Signs It’s Time For Spring Break:

1. When you begin calculating the lowest grade you can get to pass the class, and realize you don’t need to do as well as you thought

2. When you and all of your best friends suddenly look like this when hanging out:

3. When no bar in your college town seems good enough because you are comparing it to this:

4. When you are trying to study for your midterms but all you can think about is how much you need to pass the class so you can actually go on spring break

5. When you have one more paper to finish and mentally all you can think about doing is this:

Carleigh Barnett is a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill and is majoring in Journalism. She specifically hopes to have a career in entertainment Public Relations. From New York to North Carolina, she loves watching TV (especiall dramas that are filled with gossip), staying connected with the world of entertianment and enjoying days filled with Netflix and Sour Patck Kids.
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