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5 Places to Donate to Support the AAPI/API Community

Trigger warning: One of the mentioned charities talks about domestic violence and sexual harassment. If this content is triggering for you, please exercise self-care.

In order to show solidarity for AAPI/API folks, I decided to share about some charities that are accepting donations to help support the community. I want to stress that this list is not in any particular order because they all are great charities that are involved within the community in different ways. I tried to pick charities that could not be directly compared because of their different missions and purposes. There are also many other charities you can donate to, and I encourage everyone to do their own research and find a charity that speaks to you the most.

Victims GoFundMe Accounts

Many survivors, relatives of survivors and relatives of victims of racist attacks have posted GoFundMe accounts to collect money for medical bills or memorial services. This is one way to directly support families in need that have experienced racial injustice. Some folks that have set up these accounts include Yong Yue and the Peterson Family, Jami Webb, John Chen’s grandmother, Hyun Jung Kim, and Suncha Kim. Though all of their donation goals have been met, most of these families have lost a mother, family member or have a hospitalized family member, which will cause permanent effects in their lives. Some of the organizers have said all their extra money will go to charity while others will use it to keep their homes and family businesses afloat. 

Asian Pacific Fund

The Asian Pacific Fund focuses on helping those in the Bay Area and contributes to grants that help vulnerable communities in many ways. Recently, they have started an initiative for a COVID-19 relief fund that will help local AAPI and API businesses struggling with the pandemic. They also help create scholarship programs for undergraduate and graduate students. For more information go to https://asianpacificfund.org/what-we-do/.

Asian Pacific Enviromental Network (APEN)

APEN is an enviromental justice organziation that works with the AAPI/API community. Their goal is to protect historic-culture communities and provide renewable energy resources in these areas. APEN believes in the need for energy resources to change to both help the planet and serve underserved communities who often struggle with power resources. More information can be found at http://apen4ej.org/.

Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP)

This charity works to prevent sexual assault and domestic violence in the Asian and Pacific Islander community. They also work with survivors to help them take back control of their life after abuse by providing emergency supplies to survivors and spreading awareness about domestic and sexual violence within the community. More information can be found at https://dvrp.org/.

Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE)

AAFE works in New York and other areas to fight for the equality of Asian Americans and other discriminated peoples. They have provided many people with housing through the recent affordable housing crisis and work with people individually to make sure they have access to resources like Medicaid and food stamps. AAFE also provides small business loans for those within the community and work to end inequality through many other avenues. More information can be found at https://www.aafe.org/.

If you have the resources, I encourage you to help the AAPI community in any way you can. Please consider donating to charity (or volunteering) to help stop injustice. 

Eleanor Davis

Chapel Hill '21

I am a UNC-CH senior and a writer for HerCampus
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