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5 Pieces of Clothing to Invest In For a Professional Wardrobe

As internship and first-post-grad-job season looms, there’s one question on everyone’s minds: “What am I gonna wear?” Not to worry though – Her Campus is here to help you decide how to build a professional wardrobe, using basic staples.

  1. Black Heels

Black heels will get you through everything — meetings, cocktail hours and trips to the coffee shop. They are a match made in Heaven for every outfit and will have you looking classy and fabulous — two things Coco Chanel believes every woman should be.

     2. Pencil Skirt


Slimming and comfortable, a pencil skirt is everything you need to survive the professional world. They can be paired with t-shirts or button ups and always manage to make you look Beyoncé-flawless. Slide one of these on and you are sure to be dressed to impress.

     3. Blazer

A woman in a blazer can conquer the world – or at least that’s what we have learned from Scandal’s  ‘Olivia Pope.’ A blazer is one of the easiest ways to show you have it together and can bring on anything that is thrown at you.

    4.Button-Up Blouse

On the days you just can’t handle life properly, a button-up shirt keeps things simple. They are a solid way to look like you can do it all, even if you don’t feel that way.

    5. Lipstick/Statement Jewelry/Fun-Colored Top

Don’t forget to show your own style by including pieces that are your own personal taste. ‘Professional’ can still be fun if you choose to make it that way. Make your outfit fierce by adding your own twist to it.

Now, go stop the world (yes, that was another Beyoncé reference).

Hi! I'm Samantha and I am a writer for the UNC division of Her Campus!
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