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5 Easy, Fun Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Prince Charming over here has yet to make plans? That’s okay, make some yourself! Last minute plans can be difficult, but with these five fun and easy date ideas you and your college boo can have a memorable February 14th without breaking the bank.

1.  Have a Dorm Fort Movie Night
It’s middle of winter. Let’s face it, all you really want to do is hibernate. If you have a lofted bed or a lot of extra bed sheets this can be just the thing to do for valentines day. Remember how awesome making blanket forts was as a kid? As a college kid, it’s still that awesome and making one with your crush can be a cute and cozy activity that’ll bring you both a little closer. Add in Netflix and some mood lighting and you’ve got an adorable night for two that’s super easy and so much fun.

2. See “Carolina Skies: Valentine Edition” at Morehead Planetarium
Seeing a show at Morehead Planetarium is an absolute must at Carolina, so why not do it with your Valentine? The “Valentine Edition” of the Carolina Skies show focuses its narrative on the love stories told about the different constellations we see in the night’s sky. You won’t have to like astronomy to be enchanted by this show! Morehead will be offering two showings at 7:30 and 9 p.m. so pick the one that works for you. Tickets are $6 per student and the planetarium is only a few minutes from the Pit, so you and your starcrossed lover have no excuses not to try this new experience on Valentine’s Day!

3. Dress Up and Get Cooking
So you want to go an a fancy date, but every restaurant on Franklin, including Time Out, is booked? No worries, your dorm’s kitchen is open and ready for business! Whether you’re a long time Food Network watcher or you’ve never touched a ladle in your life, cooking with your significant other can be a super fun bonding experience. Even if it’s a total disaster and you end up riding the romantic escalator to Lenoir, it’ll be a happy memory for the two of you. To make your meal time adventure even spicer, dress up as if you were both going out on the town.

4.  Go see the More Love Exhibition at the Ackland Art Museum
More Love is the Ackland Art Museum’s newest exhibition, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The collection features a wide range of artists including Yoko Ono and it “explores the deep human need for connection.” Whether you’re majoring in art or accounting, this exhibit will give you something to talk about. It features all forms of love, romantic, familial, lost. Just as a warning… this is not the thing to take your boyfriend of two weeks to go see. However, if you seem to be stuck in a relationship rut More Love helps open the floor to deeper discussion and therefore ,connection. You may learn something about him you never would have expected. If you just don’t have the time to spare on V-Day, More Love runs until March 31.

5. Exchange Playlists and Snuggle Under the Stars
College is a busy time for everyone and as Spring semester heads into high gear it’s hard to make time for the little things. With everyone on the go 24/7, a cute way to show each other you care is to exchange playlists. Add songs that make you think of good times together so that every time he’s powerwalking to Greenlaw he’ll be listening to something that reminds him of you. Once you’re both through with your crazy days, steal a few seconds to sneak off to Kenan with him and lay under the stars. It’s a Carolina experience you’ll be glad you shared with someone special.

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