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5 Brands That Empower Women to Support This Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, it is a good time to focus your support on brands whose main focus is empowering and giving back to women! 

Here is a list of five fashion and lifestyle brands made BY women, FOR women. 

Savage X Fenty 

Savage X Fenty is a stunning lingerie brand perfect for all body types.
Their recent lingerie fashion shows included women of all body shapes so everyone could see their body type being celebrated and shown as sexy. This means THE WORLD to people who grew up seeing magazines and lingerie shows filled with flawless, thin models. 

The best part of Savage X Fenty’s brand is that other lingerie brands are starting to follow their lead, increasing the amount of size-inclusive lingerie in the world. Rihanna ensures her brand represents all types of women, and men, without it seeming forced for the sake of diversity. She and her brand remind me that women are ALLOWED to feel sexy and confident, and, if they want to walk around in lingerie and show it off on social media, THEY SHOULD. 

Miss EmpowHer

At Miss EmpowHer, a women’s fashion and lifestyle brand, empowering women and giving back is a top priority. Miss EmpowHer creates opportunities for women by sourcing their waist beads from female-owned small businesses in Ghana and through their “Women Supporting Women” Initiative. Through this initiative, they host fundraisers for women’s groups and organizations such as women employee resource groups, women-led organizations, women-focused mentoring programs and women-focused non-profits. 

Miss EmpowHer also uses its social media platforms to promote and empower talented women of all shades and shapes and provides personalized professional development for young women through its remote internship program. This brand was truly MADE for uplifting women in every aspect no matter their shape or shade. 


If you are on Instagram, you have DEFINITELY seen your favorite influencers and micro-influencers in their colorful Parade underwear. 

Parade underwear is vibrant and self-expressive. It proves that you don’t have to wear conventional lingerie to feel sexy. The underwear comes in sizes XS-3XL and is made from recycled fabrics that are good for both your body and the environment. Their website is filled with unedited photos of all body types, ensuring that no matter what, you can see a model who resembles you which I think is SO important. 

Parade also donates 1% of profits to Planned Parenthoods across the nation and donates to the Yellowhammer Fund in Alabama which promotes access to sexual education, reproductive rights, gender-affirming therapy and more for people across America.


CUUP’s main mission is to redefine the way women look and feel in their underwear, and they are doing it in all the right ways! CUUP makes sure all of their lines provide comfort and confidence as they want every woman to feel good in them on the inside and out. Their designs focus on clean silhouettes with a luxury feel. The brand has even created a new sizing system based on measurements of real women’s bodies. 

My favorite thing about CUUP is their recent campaign “Comfort in CUUP” where the brand challenges ageism to show that ALL women deserve to feel beautiful. This campaign was the first I had seen showcasing women of different age groups being celebrated in lingerie, and it touched me.


If you’re looking for brands that support true women empowerment, the razor brand Billie has everything you’re looking for down to cutting pink tax and celebrating body hair. 

Traditional shaving ads are often filled with naked and unflawed women shaving their already hairless bodies with razors. What Billie does differently is showing naturally hairy women, whether they are choosing to shave or not.

Billie is also dedicated to supporting women and important causes around the world and is currently donating 1% of its profits to specifically support BIPOC women. 

No matter which brand you choose to support from this list, you can be sure that you are supporting a brand that contributes to the fight for women’s equality in the US and around the world. 

Samantha Casolaro

Chapel Hill '22

Samantha Casolaro is a junior at UNC, majoring in Advertising and Public Relations aspiring to work in the fashion and beauty industry. She loves to spend quality time with friends, binge watch TikToks dedicated to fashion and Harry Styles, and listen to Miley Cyrus’s cover of “Heart of Glass” on repeat.
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