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4 Fab Makeup Trends to Try this Spring

Spring is officially here! It’s time to break out of your winter makeup rut with bright hues and fun trends! 2013 is a big year for beauty trends and now that winter is on its way out you have no excuse not to try some of these fun and fashionable looks. Brighten up your second half of spring semester with everything from bold red lips to pretty pastels, we’ll show you how! (Hint, each picture links to some awesome inspiration for the look described!)

1. Emerald

Haven’t you heard? Emerald is Pantone’s Color of the Year and it is everywhere! From runways to home design to your favorite flavor of girl scout cookies, emerald is taking over this year and you should definitely give it a shot in your beauty routine. It’s okay if you didn’t break out the green smokey eye for St. Patty’s day this year, emerald can still find a place in your beauty look for the everyday. Sephora + Pantone Universe have teamed up to offer a wide range of approachable ways to wear emerald.

My personal fave is the shimmering emerald wing over the black liner. Alternately, smudging emerald shadow in the outer corners using a shimmery nude as a base is a good approach for daytime. If you’re just not feeling emerald near your eyes, consider trying out an emerald polish, it’s perfect for spring!

2. Red Lips

Next up we have bright red lips! For spring you ask? Yes, ladies for spring! Red lips were all over the runway for spring 2013 and during awards season tons of stars copped the look. Honestly, who doesn’t want to be Rihanna at this years Grammy Awards? She looked smoking hot in ruby hues from head to toe and you can too by embracing red lips this season.

In May, Rihanna will team up with MAC to launch a new line called RiRi Hearts Mac. First to be released? A vibrant red nicknamed RiRi Woo after MAC’s famous Ruby Woo. Even if you don’t shell out for MAC’s designer shade, (brands like NYX and Revlon make great alternatives) you should totally consider trying a bold lip sometime this spring.

3. Retro Look

Retro is IN! Looks reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s are having a major moment in 2013 and you can get in on the action. To help you add a retro beauty look to your repertoire, Estée Lauder is releasing their Mad Men® Collection based off the hit TV show. The collection is a combo in shimmering pink designed to channel the young, hip vibe of a time gone by. Touted by the brand as “seductive yet innocent” the retro look is something every collegiate can try this spring.

To try this look on your own you can go two ways. One, try to envision yourself as a character from Across the Universe. Or two, try to envision yourself as Twiggy. I know you’ve all seen her think liner, kaleidoscope lash look and fallen half in love with it. So that’s how you do it girls, pile on the mascara and keep the rest shimmery and neutral, you’ll be a regular retro beauty in no time!

4. Pastel Shadows

Last but not least, pastel shadows are in! This look is somewhat a no-brainer for spring but with lots of pretty cream shadows hitting the market in 2012, pastel eyes have become easier than ever. Revlon’s Illuminance Creme Shadows come in compacts of four and a new line of shadow sticks by Clinique have really caught my eye!


The two easiest pastel looks to pull off are a light lilac and a pretty pink. Lilac is best for green and hazel eyes while pink works with almost every color. If you’re feeling a bit more daring go for a baby blue or light mint, but consult a tutorial fist so you don’t end up looking like you walked straight out of an 80’s music video!  Additionally, pastel nails were in last spring and they’re definitely still fresh for 2013!

So there you have it, four fun trends you should try today! They certainly can be paired together such as a pastel emerald shadow or bright red lips with a 60’s eye look, even all four if you’re feeling inventive! Yep, no matter how you chose to try on 2013’s beauty trends this spring you’re bound to look and feel fresher, brighter, and ready to take on the rest of the year!