3 Things You Should Know About Car Problems

Ever since I've had my car on campus, I have run into more issues with my car than I did when I was in high school. Normally, the issues are all tire-related, but I still worry about the other things happening, like my window being cracked or my engine overheating. Some of my other friends have the same concerns, and I've realized that no one ever teaches us how to take care of our cars properly when we're in a situation! Therefore, after hours of Googling and watching YouTube (and hours of dealing with car issues), I have compiled a general list of tips that could help you fix your car in a crisis, until you have the opportunity to get it to a car professional.

  1. 1. Tire-d Out

    Imagine you're driving down the road, and your low tire pressure light turns on. There's a moment of panic as you assess what the car feels like and debate whether the light means there's a prominent leak, your tire is going to blow, or literally anything else. Don't freak out just yet; just pull over as soon as you can. Depending on the weather, your tire pressure can fluctuate, meaning it's lower when it's colder and higher when it's hotter. If it's cold and you're driving your car for the first time in a while, it could definitely just be a temperature thing! Continue driving cautiously, as the light may go off after the air in the tire warms up some!

    If it's not a tire pressure light because of the weather, this video by YouTuber ChrisFix is really helpful in explaining the different ways you can fix your tire until you can get to a tire repair shop!

  2. 2. Cracked Windows

    It's all fun and games until you're driving by a large truck without mudflaps on its tires on a road with a lot of rocks, and one of those tiny pebbles is slung into your window shield, cracking it. Like all car issues, pull over to a spot where you feel safe. Call your insurance company, follow the prompts and let them know you are making a claim for a cracked window. An agent should give you information about the various window repair services near you and what their quotes will be. Your insurance should cover some of the cost, depending on the plan you have.

  3. 3. Too Hot!

    I've never experienced an overheated engine in my car, but I have experienced it while going to a summer camp, several years ago. There was an issue with the coolant, and we didn't have any on hand. One of the chaperones told us to empty out our sodas but keep the ice from the drinks we picked up an hour ago, when we stopped for lunch. This was absolutely genius. She then took the ice, dumped it into the coolant valve and added in some water. Apparently, coolant is just water with some chemicals added into it. Who would've thought?

If these tips and the owner's manual fail to help you, don't be afraid to call a friend or take it to a shop! If there is ever an issue with your car on the highway, you can call highway patrol, and they will come sit with you (and possibly help) until someone you know arrives.