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The 2012 Summer Movie Guide for Every Collegiette

It’s the end of February, which means there are only four more months until summer officially starts!

Say goodbye to cold nights and hello to long, relaxing days with your girls.Whether you have plans to hit the beach or just chill in your backyard, the summer offers an endless list of things to do, including going to the movies. The movie theater is the best way to stay cool, meet cuties and catch some of the greatest films of the year. And lucky for us, summer 2012 is packed with entertaining flicks that are sure to keep your summer far from dull. Here are some of the summer 2012’s flicks for every type of collegiette!

The Comic Book Nerd
Summer is the optimal season for comic book-based films. In past years, the creators of DC Comics and Marvel Comics have seen their classic illustrations come to life in human form. These films have pulled in record-breaking numbers at the box office, and with this summer’s lineup, you should not expect anything less. In fact, you should anticipate one of the greatest summers for comic book films! Just take a look for yourself.
The Avengers
The only thing better than one super hero is four -- all packed into one film! The Avengers tells the story of four superheroes that suit up and battle the worst of the worst. Not only will you see Thor, Captain America, The Hulk and Iron Man fight in one action-packed film, but you’ll see these characters clown around as they mock each other’s super abilities. Comedy and action, how could you go wrong?

The Hopeless Romantic
For some of us, summer isn’t about the long days in the sun or the late nights with your friends. Instead, it’s all about the summer romance. Oh, to have a summer fling that lasts for the three most fun months of the year. Unfortunately, not every girl is that lucky. So, we live our love lives vicariously through film! And thanks to this summer’s film, you can fall in love in a matter in minutes.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
The world is coming to an end, and all he wants to do is reunite with his high school sweetheart. Are you melting yet? Starring Steve Carell, this summer romance flick will have you in your feelings in the best way possible.

The Empowered Woman
Are you annoyed with seeing women portrayed in the helpless, damsel-in-distress role? If so, then you definitely should find the theater nearest you this summer.  This summer has two films that will surely make you embrace your feminist side. There aren’t any defenseless, supporting female characters in these films; but, you’ll be happy to know that this summer’s films have both female leads and portray women in a more brave and tenacious fashion.

Snow White and the Huntsman
Everyone knows the story of Snow White and her dwarfs; but no one knows about the Snow White who kicks the butts of a handful of huntsmen! It’s a twist on a classic fairytale with a serving of female empowerment. Take a bite of this apple this summer, and I’m sure you won’t regret it.


For the first time in company history, Pixar has a female lead and she’s far from your average princess. Merida is a feisty redhead on a mission to gain her freedom, no matter the consequences. If you love cartoons and unconventional storylines, then make your way to the theaters to see this flick! You can even bring your little sister for a cute date!

The Comedienne
Someone once said that the key to a girl’s heart is laughter, and truer words have never been spoken. We all love men with the ability to make us laugh until our abs are throbbing! And thanks to two original comedies and the third installment of a 90s classic, we will be laughing all those calories we gained from eating buttered popcorn away! I can’t imagine a better way to enjoy the summer.

The Dictator
He gave us Borat, Bruno, and Da Ali G Show. Now, Sacha Baron Cohen takes us into his life as the ruler of an imaginary country. There’s only one phrase that comes to mind: pure comedy! Cohen will surely have you laughing from beginning to end, which makes this a great comedy pick for the summer!

Men in Black III
What is there to say about MIB? It’s a 90s classic, and we all love the 90s! So, if you are not already excited to laugh out loud at Agent J and Agent K, then you’re either living under a rock or not a 90s child.   

Neighborhood Watch 

The Thrill Seeker
Summer is the best time to seek thrills. There are no obligations to fulfill, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, or anything relating to crunch time and stress. So, why wouldn’t you seek some thrills?  The cinema world has a great lineup of thrillers for the year, but the summer for sure kicks off the year with two great, hair-raising movies!
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
I can’t be the only person excited about this, said the history major. Seriously, for anyone who isn’t too into the nation’s past, here’s a film that puts a spin on the life of one of America’s famed presidents, but still manages to captivate you with its vampire-esque flare. It’s one of history’s most interesting biographies with a dark side. Sign me up, please!

The Bourne Legacy
Even though Matt Damon isn’t in this fourth installment, the buzz circulating this movie is comparable to the previous three. With the new lead, and cutie, Jeremy Renner, The Bourne Legacy will leave you on the edge on your seat, as he leaps, dodges, and through the same system Jason Bourne did!  

So, make your pick and hit the movies this upcoming summer! Your mind will thank you.

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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

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