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10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

Throughout college, every girl starts to feel the pressure of finding her prince charming. Here’s the reality of the situation: most of us won’t get engaged before we graduate, many of us will still be single, and at least a few of us will have no idea what we are doing with our lives. Sound pessimistic? Okay, maybe. But it’s not supposed to! These ideas float through every girl’s head at this age, and although some of them may be true, it doesn’t mean you haven’t already found a soulmate in your life. I’m not talking about the hot guy in your chemistry class, I’m talking about the person that you talk to on the phone every day, the person that texts you to report the silliest of things, and the person that seems to be your key to survival during the rollercoaster that is college. THAT soul mate, your best friend.

If most of these apply to you, it seems like you have found the one!

1. It’s All About the Looks

When your best friend gives you “the look,” you know exactly what she is thinking and what your next move will be. And there isn’t even just one look! You know the look of pure happiness, the look that tells you she is about to break down in tears, and even the look that tells you that you better not touch her piece of Oreo cheesecake. Most people think it’s creepy that you can always tell what the other one is thinking just by facial expressions, but hey, maybe they just haven’t found their soulmates yet!

2. Don’t Get Mad, Get Glad

Your best friend is probably the person that can ALWAYS put you in a good mood. Whenever you are dealing with an ex-boyfriend, fighting through final exams, or even having a day where you think everything in your closet looks awful on you, your soulmate knows exactly what to say and when to say it. If your ex-boyfriend keeps calling you, she’ll grab the phone out of your hand, turn it on silent, and distract you with something that can get your mind out of the past and back in the present. If it’s finals week, she will try to make it easier by leaving positive notes on your desk, bringing you your favorite treats (don’t worry, she won’t get you the wrong kind of M&M’s. She knows.), or staying up until all hours to stick it out with you. Solidarity at its finest!

3. Getting Under Your Skin

Your best friend not only knows how to get to you in the best ways, but also in the worst ways. If you are in a fight, she is probably the only one that can really press your buttons. Just as she knows exactly what to say to make you feel better, she probably also knows what to say to light a fire in you. She knows your insecurities, she knows your pet peeves, and most importantly, she knows her opinion matters to you. Hopefully these fights don’t happen often, but your best friend certainly knows how to get under your skin if she chooses to do so. All in all, she is really your other half, and the reason she has such a huge effect on your emotional state is because you are each other’s soul sisters!

4. The Judgment-Free Zone

We all have our little quirks, and then some of us are just complete weirdos. Whichever the case, your best friend will never judge you. You probably feel comfortable doing just about anything in front of your soulmate, even some things you would rather not admit because you know everyone else in the world will totally judge you. When you are with your best friend though, you eat that whole jar of Nutella! You probably don’t mind using the bathroom while she’s in front of you, you have been in her presence in some of the worst outfits imaginable, and you have told her things that would sound absolutely insane to anyone else. Oh yeah, and you’ve probably tried wall twerking in her presence. No judgement here.

5. You Talk at About 65mph

Okay, so I don’t actually have any idea how fast people talk, but it seems that everything turns to double time when you and your best friend are in the same room. You can finish an entire conversation and have a laughing attack only to look around the room and find no one else has any idea what you just said. This might be accompanied by dropped jaws or raised eyebrows. The funniest part of it is that you continuously talk this fast without ever running out of something to say. You tell your soulmate about your pencil breaking in the middle of an exam, the amazing new sweater you just got on sale at Ann Taylor, and even all of the drama going on with people she may have never met. To get it all in, it’s pretty much a necessity to talk super fast!

6. You Recently Gained a Few Family Members

It’s not like you needed more siblings to get on your nerves, but it is the absolute best feeling in the world to share that family love outside of just your own parents and siblings. You probably talk to your best friend’s mom on the reg, and your second family is great when you get a little sick of your actual one. Also, if you don’t have any yummy snacks in your house and are in need of a delicious, home-cooked meal when your mom is out of town, your second family’s house is the place to be! You might even be able to convince them to play games with you since your own family refuses. There may be a little more drama with the extra people in your life, but the drama is nothing compared to the extra love you receive from them.

7. You’re Inseparable

When only one of you shows up to a dinner date or to work, the first thing everyone asks is where the other one is. You spend so much time together that everyone just expects you to be together 24/7! God forbid someone has a club meeting during the usual dinner time because you might actually have to go out on a whim and eat with another friend…talk about weird. Whenever you two are not together, you’re communicating in one way or another. You’re either texting, skyping, facetiming, talking on the phone, or screaming across campus to get the other one’s attention. She’s your ride or die, and you wouldn’t know what to do without her.

8. You’ve Become Near Clones

Not to be dramatic, but you have definitely adapted some of each other’s traits. A LOT of them. You have started using her catch phrases, which make no sense to anyone else, and you have even started making the same faces in reaction to what everyone else thinks. People ask you where you got your new, strange phrase, and you can never remember whether you made it up or you got it from someone else. It’s pretty easy to narrow it down to who it came from though. The two of you even dress alike now! It’s not obsessive yet, but she has started shopping at some of the same stores as you do, and you finally gave into her acceptance of wearing leggings as pants. You are still two individuals, but you are more alike than most fraternal twins at this point.

9. No One Else Understands Your Bond

If you find yourselves constantly saying to each other “No one understands us,” it’s probably because it’s true. Most people either think you are obsessed with each other or in love with each other. Little do they know, you are just soul sisters, even if it hasn’t been the longest friendship ever. You two just understand each other like no one else does. You always know when your best friend is lying, when she is hiding her tears, or when she is trying to refrain from screaming with excitement. It’s simple really: your bond is strange and ridiculous, but neither of you would have it any other way.

10. You Are Each Other’s Rocks

No matter what anyone ever says, you know that she will be by your side through anything. She will be there through every hardship, every exciting moment, and she may even be by your side on your wedding day. When times get tough, she is the first one you call, and you know you are number one on her speed dial, too. She knows just about everything that has happened to you in your life, and she would do anything for you. She is your constant, your sister, your best friend, your source of laughter, your other half, and most importantly, she is your soulmate.

Whether she be the Anna to your Elsa, the Dory to your Marlin, the Cece to your Jess, or the Tina Fey to your Amy Poehler, don’t let your soul mate out of your sight!


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