10 Signs that You and Your BFF are Going to Last a Lifetime

College is one major time in our lives where we find out the friends we’re going to have for the long haul and the friends we’ll only have in one phase of our lives. The friendships we had in high school have either dwindled or gotten stronger, and we’ve found new friends in our new settings.

  1. You’ve mastered the long-distance bff battle.


  1. You know exactly what to say to each other in trying times.


  1. You’ve already planned out living and working in the same city.


  1. They don’t get tired of your complaining, no matter how often it’s been lately.


  1. But they will call you out if you’re wallowing in pity too long.


  1. You know you can go to each other with anything, without judgement.

  1. And most times, they’re the only person you really want advice from.


  1. You’ve sent each other an SOS text in the middle of the night.

  1. Or you just text-bomb each other because you miss the other and want to talk


  1. You know that in any situation, your best friend will always be there to have your back.


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