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Why the “no make-up selfy” phase isn’t just wrong, but it’s disgusting.

Yesterday I came home from a long day at uni and saw that at least a dozen girls on my Facebook timeline had posted photos of themselves with no make-up on with the hashtag #nomakeupselfyforcancerresearch.

Not only do I disagree with this concept but I’m actually disgusted by it. While there are some genuine people doing it who do raise money for cancer research, I feel that a lot of girls are doing it in order to get “likes” on their photos as people will think they’re doing a good thing. But how are they?

Okay so it will start discussions about cancer research and possibly raise awareness but I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the people on my Facebook are aware of Cancer and the many charities for helping it, my 11 year old sister actually raised money for a charity so I’m sure if she knows, most people should, and with 331,000 people diagnosed in 2011 alone, there’s a high chance most people will know someone with cancer or who had it.

 So how are no-make up selfy’s helping this cause? Some people may argue that it does raise awareness but as already mentioned, most people are aware and many of the people posting these selfy’s are not actually donating any money. Here’s what my housemates thought when I asked them what they thought on the topic:

Tommy Vince-Drew – “Well it’s not going to raise any money is it?”

Polly Whitmore – “It’s nice that they’re trying but I don’t feel it’s actually going to raise any money or help.”

Vinny Thomas – “I just think personally why not instead of a “no make-up selfy,” take a selfy once you’ve donated with an #ivedonated hashtag which would encourage people to jump on the bandwagon instead of everyone just posting natural selfy’s because they think it’ll get likes and make them look more charitable. I think it would be so much better and people would actually donate instead of posting “no make-up selfies” to be “brave” and get likes. This way, boys could get involved too and Cancer Research would actually make money.”

It is a nice gesture and like Nek Nominations it probably will spread like wildfire but unless people are actually willing to donate money whilst taking the photo then it could become a pointless ploy to get likes on your photos. So please, I encourage you all to just go onto http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/donate and make a donation. Even if it is a small one and then and only then if you really want people to know how “charitable” and “kind” you’re being (even though that’s really not what charity is about) then you post your photo and such on Facebook. Or, just an idea, do something a little more outrageous like sit in a bath of beans or shave your hair and actually get sponsored for it.

So what are you waiting for? Donate, donate, donate! 


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