Top Tips For Maintaining Your Coloured Hair

I love dying my hair.

To the point that I don't genuinely know what my natural hair colour is. Obviously I have old photos, my eyebrows and my roots that point me in the right direction but considering I've been dyeing it since I was twelve years old, it's still a bit of a guess. Since abandoning my mousey brown hair I have had a range of hair colours and have often favoured more than one at once; In fact I'm currently sporting purple hair with green dip dye. Although I'm not a hair dresser I would like to think that my 6 years of experience means that I can offer some advice.

So, with that in mind here are my:              

                                                                   "Top Tips To Maintain Coloured Hair"

Use Products Desgined For Coloured Hair:

 I know that it seems obvious but the ingredients in the products are formulated to protect and maintain your hair colour. At the very least use a conditioner for coloured hair as the chemicals in dye dry out your hair causing it to break off. Products such as Herbal Essences' Shimmering Colour products protect your colour without breaking the bank!

Wash Your Hair Less:

Now I don't mean that you shouldn't wash it at all. Just avoid daily washing as it can encourage your hair colour to fade a lot quicker. This is especially applies to bright, vibrant colours! Embrace the use of dry shampoo- it can also be a real time saver in the morning if you're in a rush. Batiste dry shampoo is fantastic and they even have some with colour pigments for people with darker hair to avoid the talcum powder look! I'm currently using the cherry scented one and it leaves my hair feeling clean and gives it awesome volume! Another little tip is to not wash your hair a couple of days before dying as dye is absorbed better by slightly dirty hair and also not washing it for a couple of days after dying allows the dye to fully settle.

Use Cold Water:  

This can be a hard one to do- especially in the winter! However hot water does encourage your dye to fade and so try once or twice a week turning the heat down in the shower. Cold water also makes your hair look more shiny!!

Invest In A Leave-In Conditioner: 

Leave-in conditoners are a massive beauty staple in my life as they do so much for your hair! As I said before, dyed hair can be very drying and leave-in conditioners can help maintain moisture. Use it just after you've washed your hair (it helps with tangles too!), when you use heat to style your hair or even if it feels a bit dry. Also, soaking your hair with a leave-in conditioner will help protect your colour against chlorine when you go swimming. I currently cannot get enough of Aussie's Miracle Colour Insurance. It makes my hair so soft as well as smelly absolutely amazing!!

Get A Scrunchie:

As much as they can be a life-saver, hairbands aren't to great for our hair. Especially dry coloured hair. There are always times were you need a tight elastic to keep your hair up but if it isn't necessary then use a scrunchie because they are so much softer on your hair and cause much less breakage.