Top 5 Under £5: Skincare

We're heading into Autumn and although we may be putting away the suncream for another year, we definitely shouldn't be forgetting our skin! Cold, windy weather can make your skin feel horrible and dry until you end up feeling like this:


So, to prepare for Autumn/Winter, here are my top 5 skincare products for under £5 to keep your skin looking happy and healthy without breaking the bank!


1) Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser (£3.99):

The Simple range is absolutely fantastic, especially for people who have sensitive skin which makes it great for the colder months as it isn't at all harsh on the skin. This super hydrating facial moisturiser is perfect for all skin types and is light enough for you to wear everyday or underneath your make-up. At just £3.99, this product is a great staple in all skincare routines!


2) Quick Fix Facials (£4.99):

When it's cold oustide, there is no better time to pamper our skin while watching a movie in our pyjamas. This range targets all skin problems; my favourite is the Mega Moisture Gel Mask because my skin gets really dry- particularly if it gets windy. Costing £4.99, it pushes the budget, however, each tube will last around 10 masks which equates to only about 50p per face mask!


3) Lush Bath Bomb- Space Girl (£2.35):

This is quite possibly my favourite bath bomb of all time. It contains grapefruit oils (which will clarify and tone your skin) and bergamot (which leaves you feeling happy and relaxed). It's not an expensive treat and it is perfect as a de-stresser when your assignements are getting you down.


4) Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula (£3.25): 

Cocoa Butter is a wonder product as you can use it pretty much everywhere and for anything. As well as smelling delicious, this product hydrates skin so effectively that you can feel the difference immediately! It comes as a solid butter or as a lotion so you can pick whichever you prefer. My choice is the solid formula as it lasts ages!


5) Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facial Scrub (£3.49)

This facial scrub is perfect when trying to get yourself ready for an early morning lecture! The exfoliating beads give an energising effect which really wake you up and makes your skin feel really bright and fresh. Also, it can help fight blackheads and cleanse your pores to prevent nasty breakouts!!



Hopefully these products will help you (and your skin) through the cold, dark days while we sit and wish that summer was here. Keep an eye out for more Top 5 under £5 articles and let us know if you have any suggestions for bargin skincare on Twitter @HerCampusCCCU !