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Plus Size Style Blogging: The Fatkini Take Over

Plus Size Style Blogging: The Fatkini Take Over


What’s the word this summer? Easy. It’s Fatkini.

Since the sudden boom of Fatkini’s, originating in the US, the UK has joined the craze and people are joining in. Including me.

Being a size 16/18 myself, I used to find it hard to shop for swimwear or I’d just not do it all together, missing out on the summer fun, but here’s my new obsession:


Forever 21+ are featuring a wide selection of tropical delights this summer, costing less than £30 for a whole set. What’s not to love?


Number one on the list is the Fruit Frenzy!

This suit features highwasted bottoms with ruffles and an elasticated waist for maximum comfort. Costing only £24.90 for the entire thing, How can you possibley resist? 4 gold stars from this online shopper!

Or if you’re feeling fine, fresh and fierce this summer,  why not take a different approach?

The Fierce Fiesta complete set will cost you only  £22.90! Giving a whole new spin on the fabulous and who says you can’t be fabulous on a budget?

Or if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, why not try the range at ASOS CURVE?  My top two favourites from their selection include: 

The devine ombre print set costing only £24 for both parts or if you’re feeling adventerous, why not mix and match? I know what I’ll be wearing this summer!

Or if you think what’s missing from your summer wardrobe is something floral, why not check out the Pansy print set for only for only £25.50? (A little birdie tells me it’s on sale right now.. hint hint) Maximum comfort and maximum flowers. What’s not to love?


I guarentee this year to be the summer of plus size goddesses!

(Hannah’s bubble of clothing links)

FOREVER 21+ Fruit Frenzy Set:


FOREVER 21+ The Fierce Fiesta Set:








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