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Plus Size Sale Surprise

Christmas is fine when you are home with your family and indulging in those winter treats, but what happens after Christmas? That’s easy:  Sale Season!
As we descend onto the high streets armed with enough gift cards to sink a ship, we are caught dead in our tracks of the nightmare that is clothes sizing. The high street chains that once were our friends are suddenly our enemies only carrying that one particular size in the dress. Like many of us, I like to feel comfortable in what I wear but still want to keep up to date with the latest fashion and trends. 
Fashion plays an important role in society and people’s perceptions of us, but what happens when you are not accepted into the circle of Petite? 
I present to you: Plus Sized Clothing; the best thing since sliced bread. 
When looking around the high street chain parade of the in-season fashion, many of it is not widely available. Some brands may carry their own range of Plus-sized clothing but the choices are so small that we are in danger of becoming outfit repeaters. Maybe 2014 will be the year of Plus Size. No longer will we have to quiver in the footsteps of neutral colours and pastel shades. 
Many Plus Sized brands are beginning to crop up on all corners of the internet, providing clothes that make us feel fabulous in our own skin from Simply Be to ASOS Curve, but what about the high street chains? Are they at risk of shrinking their demographic because they refuse to move with the times?  
Scouring the internet for treats I have narrowed it down to the final three for must have Plus Size Fashion: 
ASOS Curve gives hot new looks for the in season for all occasions, from that glittery party number for the new semester, to those baggy shirts you wear when recovering from a hangover. 
If you’re in need of that sophisticated classy look, ELVI is sure enough to meet all of those needs with its new take on catering for the Plus Size women, taking old favourites and sparking
a new type of look. 
With sizes ranging from 14-32, Simply Be provides a variety of fashions for different shaped women. They realise some of us are not made of money and make their clothes affordable yet stylish, catering for any audience of women. 
Remember, Sale Season starts now – enjoy and spend freely!
Studying Creative and Professional Writing at Canterbury Christ Church. writer / body positive / guru https://twitter.com/breakinghan
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