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Men VS Women: Who Has The Best Halloween Costume?

There is a huge difference between female and male costumes when it comes to Halloween. Each year, we all ask around in our peer groups for advice on what to dress up as and each year, we get the same boring answers. Girl’s costumes are mostly confined to animals, zombie school girls, witches and Disney princesses; the common denominator to all of these disguises is obviously trying to look ‘sexy’. We can all relate to the classic Mean Girls moment when Cady tries to be scary, admittedly she does look completely hideous, but is then mocked and criticised for not dressing in the classic girl’s uniform; in black latex or a tight, skimpy dress. These standards can be a hardship for many of us; perhaps the more voluptuous lady doesn’t want to be traipsing around with her body hanging ungracefully out of something too small, she might like to be dressed as Violet Beauregarde after turning into a blueberry. And why shouldn’t she? We all admire girls who go that extra mile, so why don’t we all go all out? We all want to be that one person at the party that everyone’s talking about; that one memorable outfit. Come on girls, we all know that every year that one person is a guy dressed as a condom or as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. We need to step up our game!!

Halloween is the perfect time to go crazy and to impress people with your creativity and perhaps amateur paper mache skills. Girls and guys both have the same potential to have extremely inventive costumes, it’s a shame girls don’t always take that potential and turn it into something great, we just tend to dress it up in black lace and dark lipstick.

The perfect costume for anyone is something unique, something that people double-take upon seeing, something scary enough to be classed as a Halloween costume, but not too scary as to scare people off, something intelligent and most definitely funny. Thankfully, there seems to be a new trend swooping over the world; group costumes. These are beneficial for both sexes; it’s so much more fun to be dressed up with your friends, having a laugh and creating memories than to be walking around with some dodgy face paint on and having people asking “What are you supposed to be?”

We still have time to make this Halloween count, so team up and make something great. Girls, let’s show the guys how awesome our Halloween costumes can really be! This year could be our year to change the myth that guys have better costumes.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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