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It’s that time again to welcome back familiar faces. 

English band, The Horrors are making 2014 their year. 

It’s time to be preparing for the fourth up-and-coming album ‘Luminous’, which will be released on May 5th (UK).

What makes this band stand out from the crowd is how changeable their sound is. Looking at the journey of their albums, the rock sound in Primary Colours (2009) to their more chilled indie vibe in Skying (2011) what sound will we expect in Luminous (2014)?                                                                                                    

The band have already started teasing their fans by dropping songs off the album on to YouTube without any warning. ‘I See You’ was released three weeks ago and was welcomed warmly after the bands two-year hiatus.It seems the band are following in pursuit of Skying and sticking to that easy to listen to summer jam. But just three days ago, the band released another song from the ‘So Now You Know’ album, which has dazzled the fans.

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To check them out on Spotify, click here. 

Follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/horrorsofficial


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