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Game of Thrones 101



Book readers of the popular fantasy series have been outraged at the major plot changes in season four.

HBO producers stated that season 4 of the popular fantasy series would be  alot different to the books the series: ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ but did fans of the books think they’d take it so far in just five episodes?



1. Bran at Craster’s Keep

Although Bran’s chapters in the books were not heart thumping, tense or full of dragons, I’d admit, having Bran’s long journey north did get a little boring in the previous seasons, did the producers think this would be a good way to spice up the young Warg’s journey? Of course it did.

Whose heart didn’t thump in the latest episode where Bran and Jon were so close to being reunited again? Nevertheless, this is a lesson for fans of the series. There are no happy family moments.

2. Jon knowing Bran is alive.

Hang on a second…  Didn’t Samwell tell Bran he would not reveal that he was still alive? Seeing as whoever knew would want to kill him because of the little fact of him being the rightful heir to Winterfell. Yeah, Samwell just casually tells Jon that Bran is alive and going beyond the wall. Would you like a packed lunch for your journey Bran?

Anybody? No?

3. The rape scene between Jaime Lannister and his sister Cersei Lannister.

Probably the most talked about plot change of the series so far. Did HBO really think they could get away with this? In ASoIaF, this was a consensual love scene between the two characters. Joffrey’s dead, Cersei needs comforting and Jamie loves her. However, hang on… Isn’t Jaime supposed to be turning over a new leaf since being captured, released, being captured again, saying goodbye to his sword hand and being released again? 

4. Baby White Walkers

At the end of episode five, we saw Craster’s last baby sacrifice, being picked up by a White Walker on a horse and taken to the Lair of the Walkers.

This was the most in depth look we have seen of the White Walkers and their abilities.

Ah, yes! The ability to change a baby into a white walker through a touch! Did this happen in the books? Any mention?

Not even a little sentence?

We knew that they were back from their 1,000-year snooze but who saw that coming? 

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