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Five Things Not To Say To Anyone: Ever

Lately, I have been hearing many bad phrases being thrown around to make people feel worthless. I am here to tell you things you never say to anyone: because it’s not advice and no one will take it.

1. “Sure you want to wear that?”

Like most people, I have suffered confidence issues but have, over the years, accepted how I look. The fact remains, anyone can wear whatever they want and still feel a million dollars. You do not under any circumstance say to someone “Are you sure?” If I wasn’t sure, would I be wearing it? Rock what you’re wearing and be utterly fearless.



2. “You’d be prettier if you lost weight”

This is the worst thing you could ever say to someone. Why would they be prettier if they lost weight? Why does weight determine the babe factor of yourself? If a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend ever says this to you, drop them immediately and never look back. You are a beautiful human being no matter how much you weigh.



3. “I never liked them, glad it’s over

When you’re going through a break up, Your friends are obviously going to have your back through it all, but this is the phrase that really grinds my gears. What do you mean you never liked them? You mean through the months/years we were together and happy, you were stabbing me in the back over my preference of people? Even if the break up was unhealthy, just be there for your friend without sounding like an utter idiot.



4. “Get over it”

No matter what anyone is going through, never tell anyone to just simply “Get over it” – why? Because even if it’s a crush or an argument, everyone needs that time to just be in that hateful rant mode because that’s a healthy thing to do. If you try to immediately “get over it” just because someone has told you to, you end up bottling it all up, which is unhealthy.


 5. “You’re not good enough”

Finally, my last piece of advice: never let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough for anyone, because you are precious. Never change yourself to fit into someone’s perception of ‘good enough’ because you are fine the best person you can be, embrace it and own it. 

Studying Creative and Professional Writing at Canterbury Christ Church. writer / body positive / guru https://twitter.com/breakinghan
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