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First Annual Drama Awards: THE SAMMY’S

On the 30th May 2014, the CCCU first year drama students (plus some special guests) descended upon the Maxwell Davies building on campus to attend the first annual Drama awards ceremony “The Sammy’s”.

Named after the ceremony’s creator and host Samuel Burke (this week’s Campus Cutie), it was a group celebration of finishing our first year at university. Ever the gentleman, Samuel ensured that everyone received an award despite some of them being a little bit mean.

The personal awards includedBest laughing fit, Best name to say in the Xfactor man voice and Most likely to make someone cry during their performance.

Aside from the silliness, Samuel also created three awards for which the group had to vote for the winner. These categories wereFunniest Moment, Best Duo and Best Performance.

The winner of the Best Performance was the recipient of a fetching trophy and the honour of having the award named after them. So a very big well done shout out goes to one of our previous Campus Cuties Lewis Rich for winning Best Performance and therefore aiding the creation of The Lewis Rich Award for Best Performance.

After the ceremony there was a fabulous after- party to rival the Oscars as the first years celebrated the end of the year in style.

Even myself and deputy-editor Mason Cooper dressed up for the event!


We most definitely look forward to The Sammy’s 2015!! 


My name is Millie and I am a drama student at CCCU! I adore film (especially if it was written/directed by John Hughes or Kevin Smith), have a truly bizarre taste in music and a small addiction to bad documentaries. Follow me on Twitter @Millie_kirby and let me know what you think :D
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