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Festival Fashion: What your Man should Wear

With festival season right around the corner, we want to make sure your wardrobes are set! So this week I will show you a few of my choices on what your man should wear for the Festival season!

With many of these festivals take place over the whole day and night, it’s important that your man stays cool enough during the day when in the big crowds but warm enough during the late evenings.

With these Fitted Long Sleeve T-shirt Hoodies and Slim Fit Denim Shorts from ASOS your man can look stylish whilst remaining comfortable throughout the whole day! (And fitted clothes makes your man look slim and toned! We all want a little eye candy!) The great thing is both these items can be worn throughout the whole summer and can be mixed with almost anything else in his wardrobe!

If you’re only going for a day Concert and its predicted to be a hot day maybe a Vest, and Shorts combo would be more suitable! 

The combination of this vest and shorts are extremely stylish and the vest looks extremely similar to the logo used by Clean Bandits! What better way to prepare for the Summer seasons!

Now don’t forget, if you’re going to Glastonbury, the most important thing you’ll need is these beauties:

These Wellington Boots may come in handy, especially with the British Summer Weather! (Expect rain, and lots of it!)

The possibible combinations are unlimited and ASOS knows all about this! So for even more choices about what to get your man for the Festival season, make sure to check out their website! And be sure to check out next week’s article where our very own Fashionqueensta, Hannah, will be back with Festival Styles for you girls! 

Hi Guys, I'm Mason. I'm currently studying Drama at CCCU. I'm a huge Film and TV Geek, Disney Fan and Part-time Gamer.... I say Gamer, I actually meaning running around with no clue on how I actually play the game! Make sure you follow me on Twitter @masoncooper7 and send me a tweet if you have any suggestions or opinions you want to express! 
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