Campus Cutie: Steph Chapman

The Basics:

Name: Steph Chapman

Hometown: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Age: 19 

Course: History with Archeology

Course end date: 2016

Nickname: ...Steph

Relationship status: In a relationship.



Food: Biscuits

Colour: Yellow

Film: Finding Nemo

Book: Eutopia, Thomas Moore

Band: Keane

Song: In summer from Disney's frozen.



So what made you decide to do a history degree?:     

"Horrible Histories because they're amazing"


Who would you say is your role model in life and why?:

"My Dad- he just knows everything!"


You're known for managing to cry at almost anything, what is the silliest thing you have ever cried at? 

 "Probably Parent Trap" (As in the 1998 film starring Lindsay Lohan)


What has been your favourite moment of your first year?: 

"Successfully doing my first Load of laundry"


Have you got advice for the freshers of September 2014?: 

"Buy a doorstop to keep your door open"


Any exciting plans for the summer break?:

"I'm going India with my boyfriend and his family" 


Do you have a motto?