Campus Cutie: Samuel Burke

Name: Samuel Burke

NickName: Bamuel Surke

Hometown: Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Age: 20

Degree: Drama

Year of Graduation: 2016

Relationship Status: Single



Band: Foo Fighters

Song: Best of You (by the Foo Fighters)

Colour: Blue

Film: Anchorman

Food: Pizza



As a radio host for CSR radio, who is your favourite radio host and why?: "Scott Mills because his jokes are stupid and tasteful"


You're also a drama student at CCCU, do you have any actor inspirations?: "Gary Oldman because his a wonderful man"


This year marks the first annual Drama awards "The Sammy's" at CCCU, created and hosted by yourself, can you tell us anything exciting? :"There are three main awards that people have voted for which I am excited to present. There will also be some fantatstic live entertainment."


What has been for favourite part of your first year at unviversity: "Pranking (and being pranked by) my housemates Luke and Nik!"


Do you have any advice for the freshers of 2014?: "Never leave your Facebook account open and unattended!"


Lastly, Do you have a life motto?: "Become a better you" 


You can catch Samuel on CSR radio (97.4 FM or online at Thursdays 11am- 1pm.