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Campus Cutie: Sally Vinicombe

This week’s Campus Cutie is a Fresher at CCCU and Her Campus. Sally Vinicombe has become one of our newest contributor’s before even moving to Canterbury, and we’re so excited that we want you to meet her too!

Here’s some basic information…

Age? 18

Hometown? I’m from Essex, England but have been living in France since I was ten years old.

Course? I will be studying biosciences with forensic investigation.


Her favourite…

Colour? Blue

Singer? I can’t choose between Jack White and Alex Turner; they are both so amazing.

Book? Breathe by Anne-Sophie Brasme

Place? I don’t particularly have a favourite place, but I love going to the beach when it’s cold out or if it’s really early in the morning, when no one is around and the wind is almost blowing you away. I love the smell of the seaside and the quiet. 

Actor/actress? There are too many to chose from but I think it has to be Leonardo Dicaprio, he’s so mind-blowing!

TV show? Orange Is The New Black, Modern Family and America’s Next Top Model.

Film? Sunbmarine.


Choosing CCCU….


Was CCCU your first choice? No, it wasn’t.  

What made you choose CCCU? I got a place through Clearing; I had had a few offers but this university seemed the best place, and I had already heard good things about it, so the choice was simple really. I’m really happy about having a place here.

Were you able to visit CCCU at an Open Day before making your decision? I haven’t been able to visit the university as I live in France, so it has been a bit difficult but I can assure you that I feel like I know the campus like the back of my hand thanks to Google Maps.


Moving to Canterbury…

Are you going to be living in halls or private accomodation? Four or five of us are going to be sharing a house. I would have prefered halls but am happy with where I’ll be staying.

Have you managed to meet any of your house-mates online yet? NO!! I’m so frustrated because everyday, I see people finding their house-mates on the university’s Fresher’s page and I still haven’t had any luck unfortunately. However, social networks have been so great to speak to new people, that I don’t really mind that I haven’t found my house-mates yet. It will be a surprise (hopefully a good one!!).

Are you all packed yet? I’m not entirely packed yet, I still have to choose what clothes to bring but I have bought all of the things I need for the house like kitchen utensils and things. I basically ransacked Ikea! I loved it, and can’t wait to unpack and start using everything. It’s funny how excited I felt choosing cutlery and bed linen.



How she’s feeling…

What makes you most nervous about university life? I am most nervous about getting lost on campus and being late for lectures, so I’ll most likely be leaving for things at least half an hour early just to be on the safe side.


What makes you most excited about university life? EVERYTHING! Partying, lectures, drinking, being surrounded by people my age just having fun. I can’t wait!!!


What are you most excited about in the upcoming Fresher’s Week? Honestly, I am most excited about boys, but am also really excited about meeting new people; so the two go hand in hand thankfully. I can’t wait to make a group of friends, hopefully creating bonds that will see me through my time at university and possibly later on in life too.




Choosing Her Campus…

What made you decide to sign up? Another contributor made a post on the Facebook page asking for a Fresher to write a post or two about Fresher’s week and thankfully, I was the first person to reply asking to get involved. I was so excited about it! I have already written for a French magazine as I love writing, so I thought this would be an amazing opportunity!!


What can our reader’s expect from you? I have a tendancy to go into tedious detail. I love setting the scene, and creating an image, so expect a lot of imaginative description, I suppose.


And finally…

Tell us something funny! I only know one joke, and that’s only because my sister told it to me a few days ago, as I really am not very funny unless falling over or something ridiculous like that. Apologies in advance;

So, what did 0 say to 8? ‘Nice belt’

What’s your favourite quote? 

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” – Steve Jobs.


Make sure you keep an eye out for Sally around campus, on night’s out and here on Her Campus CCCU! 

Shelby is a graduate in Creative and Professional Writing who is still trying to hold onto student life by living in a student house, continuing to write for Her Campus and living on cereal. Shelby is writing about the scariness of graduate life on her blog, every day: gradualrealities.wordpress.com
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