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Name: Lewis Rich

Age: 19

Hometown: Heathfield, East Sussex

Degree: Drama, 2nd year

Year of Graduation: 2016

Relationship Status: In a relationship 

NickName:  Pooh Bear


Favourite Food: “Everything, I’m a hobbit”

Favourite Band: Reuben 

Favourite Movie: Cool Hand Luke

Favourite Book: Holes by Louis Sacher


Do you play any instruments? If so what do you play?:

“I play the Eb Tuba, acoustic/electric guitar and I muck about with a banjo and a saxophone as much as I can.

You’re known at university for your comedy, who would you say is your comedy hero?:

“If we’re talking about stand-up then it would be Nick Helm because he gets the audience in a happy but slightly scary way. In the land of film then I look up to Eric Idle (from Monty Python) because he is the only person who has the combination of silly and satirical right”

You love your comic books- any recommendations?: 

“I wouldn’t lie if I didn’t say Deadpool was a personal favourite, but if I have to recommend to a newbie I’d probably Pick the Amazing Spiderman series as it has the best cameos”

What do you want to do when you leave CCCU?:

“I would like to start up my own comedy group like the people who do the Horrible Histories stage shows”

Do you have a motto in life?:

“Never give up and be a badass”

Finally as you come to the end of your first year, any advice for freshers in September?:

“Embrace everything but still be a little cautious. It’s a whole new world out there”


My name is Millie and I am a drama student at CCCU! I adore film (especially if it was written/directed by John Hughes or Kevin Smith), have a truly bizarre taste in music and a small addiction to bad documentaries. Follow me on Twitter @Millie_kirby and let me know what you think :D
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