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Campus Celebrity: Chloe Tyler

Tresoi (Chloe) Tyler, 29, is a third year psychology student from Rainham, Medway. She is the founder of Students 4 Students (S4S). As the name suggests, the society is where students help out other students. The new society began in September 2013.

Last year Chloe ‘created a project addressing the issues of mental health, looking at them more positively, namely that all humans are neuro-diverse’ this project then prompted performances of a play called Stigmaphrenia. The Student Welfare head then approached Chloe following these performances, asking her to present her ideas to the departments and come up with ways that the university can better support mental health/neuro diversity.

Chloe ‘considered the good work they already do with the counselling services, and thought of further support ideas that could run alongside this. For instance, not all students feel they want to see a professional about their mental distress’ and so she came up with two different levels of support.

The first level of support is ‘semi-formal counselling-style meetings’ these are called Minds Matter Meetings (volunteer training commences in two weeks) and are ‘for students who have been to counselling and still need support’ and for ‘those who don’t feel they need that much support, but still want something’ there’s a much more informal support in the shape of a society.

How do the social meetings work?

‘The idea is that everyone supports one another in an informal setting, so some socials we just chat, or hold food nights or other activities. There is no them or us, everyone has the chance to talk if they want, or just hang out with a group who have now become good friends.’

At the meetings there are ‘regular members who come without fail, and those who drop in and out when they feel the need to be around a lovely group of people. It’s not about being sad and moaning, it’s largely just us all having a laugh in the SU coffee shop.’

‘Everyone has been very encouraging in setting up the society, Sammi and Darcy at the SU particularly, and Victoria Madeley, Laura Chapman and Ambra Fridegotto (President, Secretary and Vice President respectively) who really helped set it up in terms of rallying members, holding the fresher’s fair and generally helping it to run smoothly. We have also had referrals from the counselling services.’

What would your tip be for dealing with stress?

‘Talk about it! Have a good moan, realise it’s not that bad and then you may come up with a reason not to feel stressed, such as how to work it out. Sometimes Uni work gets on top of me to the point of anxiety, but then I go and have a laugh once a week with the guys from S4S and forget it all for a little while, and then I remember that life is about people, and not just essays!

What is your motto?

‘If you can do something about it, why worry? If you can’t do something about it, why worry?’


‘I’m afraid so. You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are.’ – Lewis Carroll

If you would like to find out more about Students 4 Students then take a look at their Facebook page, also check out the E.N.D Stigma Event that S4S are running too!


Shelby is a graduate in Creative and Professional Writing who is still trying to hold onto student life by living in a student house, continuing to write for Her Campus and living on cereal. Shelby is writing about the scariness of graduate life on her blog, every day: gradualrealities.wordpress.com
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