YouTubers: Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy Edition

 There's no better way to spend time than watching Black YouTubers. I feel like a lot of YouTubers don't get the attention they deserve because of the large platform that YouTube has become. Sure, there are bigger YouTubers out there with more followers, but this bunch that I've listed below have such an incredible amount of content.

1. Jayla Koriyan 

I’ve watched her journey from becoming an RA at her school, to attending FIT in New York. I’ve seen her writing and publishing her own book, taking an overload of 18+ credit hours in order to graduate on time, while also launching her own hair business. As a black girl, at an HBCU, she’s pretty inspirational. The majority of her content are vlogs that she publishes on a separate vlogging channel, Jayla Koriyan TV. She also posts beauty and fashion related videos on her original channel, Jayla Koriyan.

2. Vicky Logan

Vicky is pretty cool. Aside from the content that is beauty and lifestyle related, she’s very relatable and creative. If you look deeper into her videos, you are able to see how much time she has put into her graphics and how she wants her content to be viewed. She also has a series called Vicky Vibes. She talks about whatever comes to her mind, which can be most relatable. The most recent one was about how she has had a hard time accepting adulthood. She then had to sit back and realize that she shouldn't be so hard on herself because life does not have to perfect all the time. Life happens and we cannot change that. 

3. Keon McKay

I’ve been watching Keon's videos for almost a year now and what I love the most is how he keeps his videos short and sweet. He’s not all about talking and dragging out his explanations, which some YouTubers tend to do. He also puts a lot of attention into his camera equipment and the visuals for his videos. He usually has a lot of aerial views and time-lapses.

4. #BlackGirlsYouTubeToo

Howard University, please stand up! No, but really Judayah is hiliarious. She’s a quirky, awkward girl but I would definitely want to be friends if I went to HUUUUUUU! Her content is dedicated to showing off the HBCU culture, and expressing her own story in the mix of the college lifestyle. It’s like a peek into a real college students life; real and raw with a little sprinkle of humor.

5. J Mayo

I don’t recall how I came across J Mayo’s page, but I started watching and now I cannot get enough. She can’t really be put into a specific category when it comes to content creation. It’s like she’s in her own category of just “The J Mayo Lifestyle” or something. She’s having fun, raising her two kids and sometimes she drinks a gallon of water a day, then tells us about it. You never know what to expect!

6. Lewis Love & Family

I came across Jovahn and Jessica’s page on a boring Saturday. It was a magical moment when they shared their story about meeting and falling in love while in college. It was actually such a moving story that I cried with them. It was just something about watching pure black love transforming right in front of me that hooked me to their channel. They also have separate channels that I watch as well, MahoganyCurls and JovahnTheDreamer.

7. Jackie Aina

My good sis Jackie doesn't care if you're Kim Kardashian or some random low budget brand, she will give her honest review on any and every product. She is honest and brutal with the best highlight I've ever seen. Jackie has a majority of beauty related videos, but she also has a vlogging channel with her boo, Denis. She creates hilarious, yet helpful content such as How to Walk in Heels video or Testing 24 Hour Makeup for 24 Hours.

8. Lydia Dinga

Lydia’s story is actually the most interesting because I crossed paths with her page due to a prank post she created. It was a fake marriage proposal that led me to watching most of her vlogs, just to find out the proposal was fake days later. It was a bad prank she played on her subscribers, but I decided to look past it because Lydia is actually really funny and I love her U.K. accent. She’s very active in the gym and her posts are very minimal, which is different than a lot of the over the top YouTubers out there.

So, clearly you're able to tell that a boring college life includes a lot of YouTube, Netflix and occasional studying. If you're in a similar situation, check out these YouTubers that I find quite interesting. They all have very different content, but they are interesting in their own ways.