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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

 Campaign season is an important time here at CAU. It’s student election season! 

Many of our peers have answered the call of student leadership and now it’s time for us to make sure we carefully evaluate how being under their leadership will affect our class and our university. Being an active participant in student government is a simple, yet important task. Here are 5 ways to make sure that you’re involved in this years elections!

#1 Go to speeches and debates!

Anybody who has ever ran for anything knows, it’s hard to get in front of your peers and sat why someone should choose you for whatever position they desire. I believe that in itself deserves an audience. Not only is it common courtesy for your peers, but also it’s a good way to see first hand all that they stand for, and what goals they have for their position.  Debates are also a good way to see how they handle being under immense pressure, which is inevitable being a student leader in any capacity. Check the candidates out!

#2 Listen to people’s platforms!

Platforms are an important piece of election week, if not the most important. This is a layout of what goals the candidate hopes to achieve while in office. This is the tell-all of someone who genuinely wants to serve the student body versus someone with ulterior motive.

Platforms are also a way to hold the leaders we vote for accountable, be cognizant of all the things said during election week. Iron sharpens Iron, and now is the time to make each other better!

 #3 Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

As a constituent and more importantly and student who provides at least $40,000 to the institution, you deserve to ask questions to anybody who makes decisions in your school! Do not be afraid to ask student candidates about what they plan to do to make the students, that they plan to serve, lives easier. You won’t truly know your candidate until you give yourself the opportunity to talk to them and ask questions.

#4 Know what you want to see this school year!

When asking questions regarding platforms, and listening to speeches and debates, none of it matters unless you know what you want. Would you like to see more unity among your peers? Or more scholarship workshops?  When you know what you would like to see, it makes it easier to align yourself with candidates.

#5 Support your peers!

It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out in front of the entire university. And it’s our duty to remember that these student leaders are still students. They still make mistakes. And most importantly, they are still learning and growing everyday just as we are. So be mindful of your peers and how stressful this week could be for them! And if you have any friends running, HELP THEM! They need it, regardless of what they say. Be a good support system.

CAU Student Elections begin September 9th, 2019. Speeches and debate schedules can be found on the official CAU SGA Instagram page @causga1988.  Promenade canvassing will be happening all week up until 5PM each day this week. Happy voting!

20 year old sophomore from little rock. mass media arts major, political science minor at clark atlanta university.