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Write Your Wrongs: The Importance of Journaling

At some point in our lives, we hit rock bottom and it seems like a forever feeling we're unable to escape. Some go to friends about their problems, others go to their family members. Just as little girls, we would journal detail descriptions of our wedding or that time we did something embarassing in front of our crush to express the emotions we couldn't share with anyone. Now as young adults, we must have a safe space or a little secret journal to write down all our thoughts, desires, regrets and reflections to release all the juggling emotions we battle on an everyday basis. Here are some essential tips to journaling:


Good for self-growth and reflection

Many of us are in the beginning stages of finding ourselves and that's okay- we all don't have the answers when we want them, that's life! And in this world on wonder, we are tested and have doubts in finding our  spirituality, self-identity, sexual orientation and self-love because we are tempted to follow the standards of society. Journaling is good for writing your emotionsand can be a tool used as a reflection on how you’re growing as a person. Then later on down the road, you can look back and remember what happened and think about how everything changed and evolved as time went on.

Safe place to let out what you always wanted to say, but never had the energy to

Let’s all be honest for a quick second, we had moments in our lives where we wanted to express our true feelings about something or someone, but never had the courage to speak on it. Having a journal is important because it would be a safe haven to express our true emotions and leave our last impressions on the situation to never think about it again.

Essential for tracking your career path

Everyone has a desired career we want to achieve, but there will be roadblocks that will hinder us from getting to that goal. Whether it is to be a PR agent, Marketing Director, Fashion Editor or Lawyer, there will be trials and tribulations and it’s important that we write them down to serve as a lesson and learn from the mistakes. As collegiates, we should want to write down our progress because it gets difficult when we’re reaching for what we want, but having a journal will help with keeping us focus on the ultimate goal we set for ourselves.


Writing your wrongs is all apart of the “adulting” stage because we all want to be grown, but even adults are going through their inner-demons and it’s vital we have a place where we can self-reflect and understand that we are humans that still have a lot of learning to do.


Hey everyone, my name is Yasmyne Fisher. I'm currently the President/Co-Campus Correspondent at Clark Atlanta University. I am a graduating senior, majoring in Fashion Design. My passion is writing on what people want to read, whether it is fashion, pop culture, being black in America you name it I love giving my perspective of a college student to readers.
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