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Women Rappers: The Shift in Hip-Hop

Throughout history, male rappers have always dominated the hip-hop community.  With that being said, it is difficult for women to try to dominate in a space that was not created for them; these women are dominating across the world. Here are seven woman rappers that are on the come up, working the system, and creating a space for themselves.

Cardi B

is a female rapper from the Bronx, New York. Although she is a very popular artist in the game now, her story began as interesting as the rest. After releasing the song the blew her up (Bodak Yellow) her life changed forever. Cardi is also one of the only love and hip hop cast members to successfully enter into the game. 

Popular songs: I Like It, Bickenhead, Money

City Girls

The City girls are an upcoming group that has two powerful members: JT and YungMiami. The reason for their blow up is the phrase “period” becoming so popular. They additionally,  rap about the things that other women are afraid to discuss. This includes sex, money making, and more. 

Popular songs: I’ll Take Your Man, Where The Bag at, Period

Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty is a young artist coming straight out of Brooklyn, New York. One of the reasons Rico’s music is growing so fast is because it not only appeals to women but to men who love to rage. If you hear Rico’s music in the middle of a  concert, get ready to plummet into a moshpit.

Popular songs: Rage, B**** I’m Nasty, In The Air


 an artist from Hayward, California who gained popularity from remixing popular beats into women-in-power raps. After posting a video to her song “High Maintenance” on Instagram, her career began to flourish. 

Popular songs: Icy Girl, B.A.N, Anti

Kash Doll

an artist from Detroit, Michigan who more than likely inspire the rest of the “doll” rappers (no shade). Kash Doll gained most of her fame after releasing her tape “Keisha vs. Kash Doll”. The majority of her music will have you feeling like the baddest thing walking.

Popular songs: Run Me My Money, For Everybody, Ice Me Out

Queen Key

is a popular female artist from Chicago, Illinois. Although her come up is still in progress, definitely be on the lookout for her. If you’re interested in some of her music, all of her music videos are on the youtube channel RayyyMoneyyy Visions.

Popular Songs: My Way, HA, Calling All Eaters, Baked As a Pie

Honorable mention:S3NSI Molly and Lil Brooke are two fresh out of high school rappers from Houston, Texas. If you’re listening for that hype party song, look up their song 223 on Youtube, it will not disappoint. 
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