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Why Your Local Elections Matter!

(photo from voxatl.org)

You’ve probably seen a lot of “Vote for ______” campaign signs all over campus, around the West End area, or even while driving down I-85! Whether you thought twice about them or kept moving forward, HerCampus CAU has got your inquiring minds covered regarding Local Elections 101! Election season kicked off for Atlanta, Georgia on November 7, 2017 and we are currently anticipating a Run-Off Election this Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Most people argue that the Presidential elections weigh more, but local elections are just as Important. Your local government (mayor, councilmen/councilwomen, etc.) is responsible for the changes and initiatives happening in your own backyard! Each candidate has at least one underlying issue that drives their campaign and because each candidate has their own set of morals and political stances. Not being cautious about who you vote for, or not voting at all, coould leave you with a leader who may not cater to you as an individual or your community. A few things that local government affects according to Medium.com are: 

  •  Local school quality 

  • Deciding sanctuary jurisdiction status 

  • Policing and public safety 

  • Rent costs and affordable housing  

  • Public transit 

  • Alcohol and marijuana ordinances  

  • City colleges and job training programs 


(photo from myajc.com)

As mentioned earlier, Atlanta’s local mayoral elections have led to a Run-Off between Keisha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood. This is one interesting and historical election, with women both in the lead—one of them being black! While it is satisfying that at the end of the day, Atlanta will have a female Mayor, it is still important that you research both of their backgrounds and initiatives before casting your vote! With issues such as gentrification and the declining of educational facilities, please do your research and vote wisely! We all are already experiencing the effects of when we don’t pay attention to a candidate’s beliefs and actions…Help your community by educating yourself and participating in your local elections!  


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