Why Does Pride Hurt?

I have a question, a question that not many can answer but it’s often asked. Why does it hurt so much to put your pride to the side? The infamous Marcellus Wallace once said “ F*** Pride, It only hurts it never helps. You fight through that sh*t.” And he’s right why don’t humans ever fight through pride. Usually, when we put our pride to the side the outcome is great.

Here’s a scenario: You’ve been talking to this girl/guy for a while and you don’t want to seem too eager to see them again. Along with your being anxious and nervous. You’re trying not to seem desperate but you honestly just enjoyed their company. Although you and this person don’t talk often when you do text they always text you back. Although this time you don’t want to text first. You feel your pride starts again when it comes to that “Texting First.” It’s something about texting first that many people don’t want to participate in. Why? It’s because of their pride! Their pride is telling you no! They should be texting you first! Don’t you dare text them! But the other side of you is saying text them! It’s worth putting your pride to the side sometimes, it might be worth it. 

In some ways Pride can ruin your life:

Their generally safe resilience precludes an extraordinary number of chances. These individuals aren't prideful, however, pride is a typical purpose behind this. Pride makes us reluctant. When we have a favorable opinion of ourselves, we will, in general, secure our (self-doled out) status as opposed to taking a stab at something better. Pride compels us to concentrate on the drawback rather than the upside, regardless of how noteworthy. "Imagine a scenario where I failed and everybody saw me.

The prideful realize they have far to fall, and that their roost is dry-decayed (prideful individuals are winged creatures?), making them feel inconsistent peril of falling. It's the reason on the off chance that you challenge a prideful individual, even a bit, they will violently shield themselves. They're frightened the card house will self-destruct.

Pride adjusts correspondence and association. When you put yourself on a platform, it makes it hard for anybody to draw near to you. Your capacity to be helpless, which is the essential way we show trust to one another, will be undermined. Pride and helplessness can't exist together. If I demonstrate to shortcomings, pride takes a rearward sitting arrangement since It's a quite recently indicated flaw, and pride is a deception of flawlessness that we let ourselves know and others.

Pride is one of the imperfections of our race. We've all been prideful now and again and in our particular manners, and we will all be prideful now and again later on. The distinction comes by the way we see it – as a useful characteristic or an inconvenient one. The individuals who consider it to be valuable make it their way of life, and this is what I'm cautioning you against.