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Why Being Mary Jane Inspires College Women Everywhere

On its way to a fourth season, the television series Being Mary Jane plays a prominent role in relating to college women. Mary Jane has MANY beneficial characteristics, but in all, she is a hard-working, risk taker who is not afraid to let go.

One thing is for certain, Mary Jane is a HARD worker. Throughout seasons 1, 2 and 3, we’ve seen her wake up early to run a few miles and still be ready for live television as a broadcast journalist. She works long, tiring hours, but maintains her good reputation and sanity. Mary Jane influences young women to not be afraid to work hard; to be the bread-winner. It is easy for us to get overwhelmed in college, but our sacrifices not only prepare us to be the best that we can later in our working environments.

Mary Jane has no problem letting go. Despite her many troubles with men, Mary Jane follows her first instincts when it matters the most. Throughout Season 1, we remember her on-again off-again relationship with Andre, who admitted to being a married man. After difficulties with facing reality, Mary Jane realizes their relationship is overall toxic and overwhelming, and that she deserves more. This is also true for a lot of us in college relationships. Like Mary Jane, a lot of us wait for that “someone” to change and live up to their potential, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. This is when we need to realize that it is okay to let go of toxic individuals and want more for ourselves. 

Mary Jane is also a risk taker. As fans, we can all re-call this past Season 3 Episode 3 entitled “Sparrow”, when Mary Jane had to face the devastation of Lisa’s suicide-which resulted in Mary Jane’s realization of her own demons. After identifying these demons, she quickly acted upon them and did what was best for herself and Lisa’s legacy. She decided to be truthful with herself and others for her own sake from that day forward. As women in college, being truthful to ourselves and others allows for eternal happiness and acceptance within us-during and after college.

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