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What Goes Around Comes Around: Fashion Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

What do fashion and karma have in common? What goes around comes around.

The 2000s are every other decade combined in one, but with its own style. Much like the other decades, we get our inspiration from our favorite celebrities. Seeing trends resurface can be immensely nostalgic, but they are always brought back in a creative way making you see old concepts in a different light. We are always finding new ways to make vintage modern.

This is not only in the Americas but on a global scale. We are constantly “trading” bits and pieces of cultures all around the world. Societies “taste” changes invariably. One minute you are wearing the hottest trends then next thing you know they begin to fade. Each generation tends to evoke revelations of the past as they constantly fade away and new ones are born.

The fashion industry has a way of birthing a lot of trends that we believe to be strange or “weird” but down the line, these will be recreated in future years to come. Today’s style is that from the 70’s- early 2000’s intertwined with new trends. I believe that the most beautiful thing about fashion during the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s is that it will never get old. These styles will always be desired no matter how much they are tweaked and altered. The authenticity of the fashion during these eras is legendary and will never be forgotten.

Like the previous generations, there was an array of favorable fashion born in the ’70s. This was a decade in which the Vietnam war ended. This was the era of feminism and disco dancing. The ’70s was a time period in history where individualism and originality were starting to be accentuated.

Individuals were admired for rebelling and challenging social norms. The styles in the ’70s fluctuated, but anything you wore was considered “70’s fashion” there was a place for every trend. Nothing was right and nothing was wrong. When we walk down memory lane, 70’s edition, we find a plethora of trends from fringe to suede. Ringer tees and palazzo pants were also very popular along with colorful crochet tops,  and my personal favorite bohemian-inspired ensembles. As I flip through magazines I tend to see these same trends as if I stepped in a time machine.

Now, on to the ’80s, time to lace those doc martens high, put that scrunchie around your wrist, scrunch those socks, and make sure those fanny packs are tight! That’s right the ’80s are back on and off the runway. We owe a lot to the so-called decade of decadence. In recent times there has been a case of the going around. Some may not be cognizant to the series of successive changes during this period, but after flipping through a magazine or two you’ll realize there are several recognizable styles.

New trends are being resurrected weekly from lace to colorful splashes of neon, to oversized off the shoulder sweaters. There is no denying the influence that the ’80s has had on our latest fashion fads. This was a decade of power dressers and punks. Fashion was all about overabundance. When picking your outfit out you basically asked yourself, “How extra can I be today?”

Fashion was big, statements were bold, and being glamorous was essential. Power suits were the source of everyday looks. Although when the sun went down shoulders were exposed, makeup was daring, and sequins shimmered from wall to wall. Towards the middle of the ’80s punk looks became the talk of the town. We have celebrities like Madonna, Prince, Grace Jones, and Cyndi Lauper to thank for these trends. When emulating these fashion icons over-the-knee boots, leather, and bodycon were vital to achieving their looks. We have put our own twist on vintage fashion. I believe it makes today’s fashion very special and unique.

The ’90s are known as one of the most desired decades has undeniably made its way back to the industry as of late. These are the years we long to relive. We see the cycle once more during this decade as fashions believed to be timeless got old, and new daring fashions took the reigns. Now the “old” fashions are born again as we re-wear them on a day to day basis years later.

It is appalling how quickly these trends are recirculating in our wardrobe. No matter whether your walking the runway or the city streets you are bound to see 90’s garb. It is time to pull those crop tops back out, embody those chokers, and let your hoops be bigger than ever before. A lot of the inspiration from 90’s fashion came from artists during that time, hip hop artists especially.

Baggy pants, overalls, the cleanest kicks, and logos galore surfaced during this time. Grunge also became very popular in this decade. Created by generation X, grunge is representative of their hate towards a career conformed lifestyle. This lifestyle consisted of having a 9-5 and “serving the machine”. They hated how much individuals were being classified based on the amount of property they own and the amount of money they possess. This was their way of speaking out. I believe the ’90s is the era in which we embody the most in relations to fashion. As our societal norms constantly twist and turn to do the trends that come with those twists and turns.

Without the ’70s ’80s and 90’s fashion would be lost. Nowadays you are able to wear whatever you’d like and it is bound to fall under some type of category that fits. Imagine if no one ever tried something new. What would have happened if we just stuck to one style from the beginning of time until the end? I’m glad we never got to find out, who knows maybe they’ll bring it back in 2030?!



Greetings, my name is Kayla Martinez. I am a freshman at Clark Atlanta University, and I'm a speech communications major. I moved to Atlanta Georgia after graduating high school in Auburn New York. I am excited for this journey and it is a pleasure to be able to say I'm apart of HerCampus CAU.