Web Head's Back, The New Spider-Man Game Is Here

The feeling of looking outside your bedroom window watching your childhood friends play among themselves and just seeing their sheer unbridled joy playing among each other is a feeling that most of us can relate to. Although it’s something that I haven’t had to go through in a long while, it suddenly found its way back to me as the new Spider-Man game for the PS4 released two weeks ago. Being that Spider-Man is my favorite superhero (and the best) embodying the very identity of going from nothing to something, it saddens me even more that I wont be able to play this masterpiece because I just so happen to have the wrong system.


However, that doesn’t mean I can’t review videos of other people spending their hours swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper in Times Square, performing arial tricks above landmarks such as the one and only Madison Square Garden, and even jumping straight off of the Big Apple’s tallest building: the One World Trade Center. All while stopping crime, saving civilians, and exploring a wide open world style of play in the greatest city in the world.


One aspect that separates the game from its predecessors and in my opinion makes it the best Spider-Man game there is is that it adds some new drip to everyone's friendly neighborhood superhero. The creators of this game have reached back in the Spidey vault and pulled nearly 30 suits from the old Spider-Man comics and have even taken the liberty of adding some completely new designs just for the game. While serving just about every single type of look a Spider can, each suit comes with a unique power only it possess.

Speaking of going back in the vault, all of Peter Parker’s best friends are back for another round of getting their butts kicked. And by friends I mean some of the oldest and greatest adversaries Peter Parker has ever had to face as well including some newer villains that aren’t as well known but are just as twisted. Felons such as the likes of Kingpin, Rhino, Electro, and the legendary Doctor Octopus are just some fabled names that are featured in the game. New additions to virtual Spider-Man franchise consist of the likes of Screwball and Mr. Negative.

Aside from villains, thugs, and other evildoers, plenty of  recognizable faces have also been added to the party. The likes of Aunt May, everyones favorite redhead reporter and Peter Parker’s love muffin Mary Jane, both Norman and Harry Osborn, super witty behind the scenes sidekick Yuri Watanabe, and the newest soon to be Spider-Man, my man Miles Morales. I won’t begin to get into the spoilers but even if I did it would take me multiple paragraphs to explain just a few of them considering how massive the storyline is and how you, the player are in control of everything that comes across your path. The city is at your fingertips as you so effortlessly maneuver through with new mechanics, look out on the world’s most beautiful skyline from atop of the city, and swing into action with a bunch of new handy high tech gadgets. All while fighting crime with plenty witty clapbacks to boot. So go my fellow webheads. Swing fast, hit em where it hurts, and save the day yet again. And when you see Stan Lee, tell him to hurry up with my order will ya?