Tis the Season for Interior Design

The holiday season is among us. It is time to switch up our usual interior design for a more winter season look. This article will be tailored more towards apartment style homes, but it can also be included in dorm room style as well. 

Entry Way

First and foremost, let's start with the entrance of the home. When you first walk in, you'll most likely be introduced to the entryway. If you're still interested in Fall decor, you could decorate this area with some sort of orange or green plants. Artificial flowers are a great alternative to give your home a bit of life, without torturing any flowers in the process.  

Or, if you're interested in jumping right into the Christmas spirit, but you're trying to stay within a budget, you could place a cute little Christmas tree on the entryway table. A small Christmas tree will give a little light and warmth to the home, before entering into the living room. 

Living Room


White furniture is such a statement. Sometimes, it's too much of a statement and can become a bit dangerous, but if you're willing to take the risk you should totally go for it. Walmart is currently selling frosted Christmas trees for under $100. Browse their website today. 

I've become obsessed with the "chunky knit blanket" trend. Toss a throw blanket on the edge of your couch for a comfortable snuggle during the day. And you can get it in white to keep that winter wonderland theme going. 

Replace your usual throw pillows with a more holiday theme. Also, incorporate some sort of Christmas themed table decor. If you're too concerned with fire, you can try flameless LED candles instead. 


Keep the knit theme going with the bedroom! Replace your everyday bedding with this braided, chunky cover and throw on a couple of thick pillows. Or, if you'd like to be more spontaneous, you could try flannel. 

A flannel duvet for the winter months is both neutral and a good investment. Once the holiday months are over, you can remove the duvet and return to the normal, everyday comforter you had previously. This saves storage space for other things.

Getting your space into the holiday spirit helps turn a small apartment into a home. It's all about decorating and being conscious of your budget. Stores like Walmart and Marshals always have sales and there are great finds that are sometimes exclusive to certain storefronts.