Tips to Make Yourself a Priority This Semester

As we approach the spring semester 2020, it’s time to grow and let go of old habits of 2019. Many of us found ourselves facing a plethora of challenges, not only academically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. All of these built-up hardships overtime panned out throughout the entire year of 2019, especially the fall semester of 2019. Well, 2020 is the year to reclaim your success and get back on the right track in all areas of your life for this upcoming semester. We can all get through this time of rebranding together. Here are 5 tips to make this semester better than the last! 


Tip 1:  Mediation 


Make some time in your schedule this year to meditate as often as possible, even every day if you’re able to. It’s one of the best ways to release stress and let go of all of the things on your mental. You’re probably thinking that meditation is simply sitting with your legs criss-cross, humming away all of your tension. Not exactly! Although that is the most typical, any activity you do in the comfort of your own space (specifically by yourself) that will help clear your mind of any burdens; for example, reading your favorite book in complete silence or listening to music. Meditation is extremely beneficial for stability in mental health. 

Tip 2: Planner 


Organization is always a great and efficient way to keep track of yourself and your hectic schedule. Investing and utilizing this simple tool this semester will help you set a certain schedule for yourself, as well as make sure you get everything done in your day/upcoming week that you need to, whether it be for your classes, getting homework done, personal tasks, or any extracurricular activities in your schedule. Planners can be a form of necessary self-discipline if used often. 


Tip 3: Time off 


Even though it’s always easier said than done when you have so many things to do at one time as a student in college, mental health days are crucial in keeping your sanity. Taking a day off this semester every once in a while to do everything you want to do to relax or just have fun, like a spa day, a day with your friends, or just to sleep and do absolutely nothing alone to take a break from everything around you will help you stay grounded in who you are so you don’t lose yourself in your booked and busy schedule.

Tip 4:  Off-Campus (if possible) 


Sometimes staying in the same space that causes you stress will only pile it up even more and can become very overwhelming. Repetition in your daily life tends to become boring and draining, which results in a slow decline of a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Therefore, if possible, try your best to go off campus to explore your area! There’s always an opportunity to find something to do even if it is just walking or driving around the city with a group of friends to find places or things you can do as you go. Add some spice in your life with brand new experiences! 

Tip 5: Positive Affirmations


Telling yourself every day you can get through the remainder of the school year, no matter what comes your way, is important in keeping your motivation high. If you remind yourself often that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to and none of your stress or hardships define you, you will be an undefeated force to reckon within 2020. Self-love is the best love. Nobody got you like you got you! 

I hope the application of these five effective tips show a positive effect on your life this year. Stay focused, dedicated, and do what you love; the rest will follow!