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  1. Do not wait until the last minute to submit your application 

As most students are throughout high school and college, I am one to procrastinate assignments and projects until the last minute. Usually, I overbook myself and have multiple responsibilities that overlap, or I have a lazy episode due to burnout from being overworked and completely forget the project until the due date. Regardless of how I got there, it is a day or two before the due date and I do not have anything to submit. Please do not expect to do this with the HER Campus application.  

HER Campus is an online magazine dedicated to, written by, and focused on empowering, college women. Her campus writers have created successful careers in reputable companies because we offer great opportunities for writing samples and a variety of workshops to improve your writing skills. Because of the reputation of the organization, at the collegiate level and at the corporate level, the HER Campus applications are extensive.  

I do not want this to deter you from applying; HER Campus is an amazing organization, and we are looking forward to working with all of our new team members. To maximize your chances of gaining acceptance and having a perfect application, not waiting until the last minute to complete and submit the application is the first tip. 

  1. Answer each question in its entirety 

When you are submitting any application, you want to ensure that you have answered each question in its entirety. Some questions on applications have more than one part or have several questions that are asked at one time. When typing up your response, remember to answer all the questions that are asked.  

Most two-part questions that are asked in an application or a test is always the content question and either “why” or “how.” Often times applicants are rushing through the application and forget to answer either the “why” or the question itself. To increase your likelihood of having your application accepted, the second tip is to answer all parts of the application and all application questions.  

  1. Be familiar with HER Campus *hint* 

Being an editorial contributor, it is only right that I give a special hint for applicants that are interested in editorial content. Be familiar with HER Campus. There may or may not be a question on the application that may or may not reference something that is in relation to HER Campus. *Wink emoji* The question is not very complicated or difficult, but just remember the hint that I have stated and you will be okay.  

  1. Come prepared to create *hint* 

When you are applying for a job or open position anywhere at any company, the application will have a section designated for you to list your resume. HER Campus is no different, within our application there is a section designated for you to show proof of your work experience. Whether you are an editorial contributor, social media socialite, or a YouTube content creator you will be required to create and verify that you have the skills to pay the bills baby!  

Waiting to the last minute to complete and submit the HER Campus application had caused me to miss the deadline for applications my freshman year and my sophomore year. We, as an organization, look forward to accepting and working with all new members but you have to submit the application to be approved.  

Since I’ve joined, I have enjoyed myself and feel as if my writing has improved. The relationships that I have with the HER Campus executive-board are all very positive and meaningful, and I enjoy writing for the organization.  

Good luck with the applications babe! 

Francheska Johnson is a senior mass media arts major student at the illustrious Clark Atlanta. She is from the great state of Texas and is an aspiring journalist. When Francheska is not devoting her time to school, she can be found playing with her dog, painting, creative writing, and reading. As a completely versatile writer, Francheska enjoys all topics and appreciates giving helpful advice, explaining the truth, or informing others about misunderstood topics. Francheska hopes that her bubbly personality and friendly nature are expressed through her writing.
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