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Ten Money-Saving Tips to Help You Ball on a Budget

When shopping as a young adult, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. No one wants to constantly blow what little money they are receiving just to keep up with the latest trends. But, what if I told you that you could be bad and boujee on a budget?

Here are ten money-saving tips to assure you are paying less but still at your best!

1. Thrifting

Thrifting is visiting thrift/ second-hand shops, and vintage clothing stores in hopes of discovering unique articles of clothing for affordable prices. There are several benefits of thrifting that young individuals are not aware of. For starters, designer products can be uncovered for a portion of the price. While thrifting, you are shopping among a plethora of diverse styles that you can not find in regular shopping malls. Sometimes, the money from your purchase goes directly to charity, helping individuals who are less fortunate. Several individuals post their thrifting experiences online in a fun way to display their findings. Thrifting is also something that you and your friends can do for a girls day! By the time you’re done people will be flocking around you trying to figure out where you got your top, or how cool your shoes are or asking “How much did your jeans cost?” Mark my words and give thrifting a chance. I am sure you will not be disappointed!


2. Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Using your student Id can get you very far. There are a variety of discounts you can receive from using your ID. This includes but is not limited to; clothing stores, fast food restaurants, even online stores in which you input your student email. The discount can start anywhere from 10% and up. Most people don’t even think to ask if there is a student discount offered, but it can reduce your total cost drastically.


3. Discount Stores Are Your Friend!

People tend to sleep on the endless possibilities of Ross, Marshalls, Tj Maxx etc. but in reality, they are the best-kept secret. They carry several designer products from clothes to shoes and also make up for reasonable prices. Some people let their pride get in the way of possible deals. If you take your time and really look, you can often find something extremely valuable and pay next to nothing for it! Stores like these were made for a reason so make sure to take advantage of them.

4. Couponing

I’m sure we are all familiar with the show Extreme Couponing on TLC. If you aren’t, it is a show in which individuals from around the country collect coupons in bulk and use them at grocery centers. Sometimes they end up having so many coupons that the store has to pay them money in the end. Get in the habit of collecting coupons and over time they will add up! Coupons can provide money off, it can multiply your item for free, or simply subtract the cost of your item entirely. They are perfect for college students, or young adults looking to save money.

5. Take Advantage of Outlet Stores but Beware of Their Gimmicks

It is great to acknowledge all of the deals and benefits of outlet stores, but don’t turn a blind eye towards the scams. Be sure to always read the fine print. This will prove to you that discounts are regularly on suggested prices rather than retail prices themselves. Instead of an actual deal, it is more of a marketing gimmick. Be sure to check all labels you see and steer clear of items that read, “Factory line”. Also, try to do the math on supposed deals before purchasing. On a more positive note, not all outlet stores are playing tricks on their customers. It truly is cheaper to buy items from outlet stores than the original factories just because they do offer so many more deals. Be sure to incorporate them in your next shopping trip, but be vigilant!


6. Sell What You Don’t Wear For A Profit

Plato’s Closet is a perfect example of this. It is a store that takes people’s clothes in exchange for money. They also sell clothes as well for cheap prices. You can also find designer clothes here for feasible prices. Some thrift stores allow you to participate in selling your old clothes. Of course, you can find more than a few online stores to sell old items as well. Any extra money will help out so if you don’t wear it why not sell it to someone who will?

7. Take the Surveys After Your Purchases

Various retailers offer surveys to fill out via a provided link or through your phone number. These surveys relate to your experience while shopping with the merchandiser. It is best to give the surveys a read even especially if you shop at the store regularly. It only takes a couple of minutes and while it may seem time-consuming at the moment, you will ultimately benefit in the end. They typically reward you with a 5% or 10% off coupon for your time.

8. Clearance Sales!

Online is where you can find endless clearance deals. Retailers post upcoming deals on their websites to prepare people for sales. Always be on the lookout due to the fact that you never know the type of deal they will offer. One day you may find the biggest sale of the year! It is all about timing with retailers. Do your research and you are guaranteed to save an abundance of money. Sometimes stores will even display future sales inside of the stores, but searching online is a way to be ahead of the game.


9. Buy Clothes That Fit in the Moment

Only buy clothes that you can wear today. If you plan on buying something a few sizes too small in hopes of losing weight, it can be pretty risky. Let’s say you don’t end up liking the way the clothes look on you when you are able to fit them then you just wasted your money. It is best to buy clothes according to your size at the moment.

10.Rewards Cards Will Save the Day

If you shop in any franchise or retailer that offers reward cards don’t hesitate to sign up. Reward cards are available in grocery stores, clothing merchandisers, gas stations, and many other places. At the moment it might not seem like much but over time as you shop more you will realize that they are sending you coupons and other money-saving opportunities. They are even fairly convenient considering they typically have a hole in the top to attach to your key, or they make a small card that can fit in your wallet. The more you spend the bigger your reward will be, so be sure to swipe every time!

The average family spends $1800 dollars on clothes per year. That number can get smaller and smaller if people take advantage of the money saving opportunities that are right in front of their faces. I provided you all with 10, but there are many more ways you can get some bang for your buck.

Do your research constantly because retailers are always coming up with different ways for customers to save money. At the same token be sure to read your deals carefully because what seems like a golden sale could possibly benefit the retailer more in the end. Open your mind to try new things such as thrifting, outlet stores, and discount shops. Remember, there is always a sale to be discovered. Take your time and you will save money consistently!



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