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It is halfway through the semester and every college student knows what that means. Midterms. Midterms are right around the corner, and this can be a very stressful time for students. Midterms and finals are pivotal for getting that desired garde. That is why many students find this time to be the most taxing. The closer it gets the more nervous everyone tends to be, but do not worry I have a few tips for you.


Start Studying 

Do not wait until the week of midterms to begin studying. Most students take anywhere between four and six classes at a time, some even take seven. Give yourself enough time to study for each class adequately. Rushing over notes can lead one to skip important points, or forget a majority of the material. Take your time and review notes, powerpoints and lectures. 

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Quiz Yourself

While studying, write important points down on note cards. Frequently review the cards and once you feel confident quiz yourself. See how much you can remember before you have to look at the cards. Practice a few times a day. When you feel ready, have friends and family test you as well. Have them throw questions at you randomly up until it is time to take midterms. This is a method I personally use. It helps with memorization and because it happens constantly, it also helps with nerves. The questions and answers will be ingrained in your mind. 


Take Breaks 

Studying is important, but so is taking a breather every so often. That last thing anyone wants is to overload themselves, especially at this time. When studying, take a break in between subjects. Get up, stretch, get some air and relax for a little bit. You deserve it. Also, do not forget to eat and stay hydrated. It is common to snack while studying, but do not forget to take a break to eat whole nutritious meals. 

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Study Groups and Study Guides

Another way students can study is by making study guides. Some teachers may or may not give out study guides, whether they do or do not make their own. Making a study guide is a second-hand way of studying. Questions and answers have to be found, once again ingraining it into minds. Also, make study groups. Most of the time, you are not the only student struggling or wanting to review for midterms. Get together and make a Kahoot! game. Kahoot! always make studying more fun and is so satisfying to win. 

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Those are my main tips for studying for midterms. Midterms can take a toll on a student's mental state. That is why it is important to come up with ways of studying that work for you. No matter what, always try your best and good luck!


My name is Destiny Brooks and I am from Atlantic City, New Jersey. I attend Clark Atlanta University, majoring in mass media arts, with a concentration in radio,tv, film and a minor in theatre. My interests lie in the entertainment industry and and all aspects of Black life. In 2019 I wrote a review on the movie Black Panther, which was published in the Stockton Argo, my previous school’s newspaper.
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