Stop, Delete That "LOL" Before You Hit Send on That Message

We’ve all been there. An uncomfortable “argument” broke out either through text, in the dms, or really anywhere online where humans can communicate through messages, and you feel a little small in comparison to the person that you are talking to. Because of this, you don’t want to make your true feelings known, so you try to mask them. One of the most common methods people use is slapping a “LOL” at the beginning/end of a message as a means to soften the blow. 

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Well, I think it is a bunch of BS! Don’t silence your feelings anymore. If you have something on your mind, get it off your chest and say it confidently! Don’t let the guise of an acronym keep you away from finding a resolution. At the end of the day, the main person who’s negatively affected by this is you. 


I find that this practice is more common among women. I think part of this has to do with the notion that when women express their feelings and take charge of a situation, they’re looked at as “bossy” or “bitchy.” It’s time to break that stereotype and stop giving a f***! If something is bothering you, you don’t owe the other person anything except honesty. Your delivery shouldn’t be sugar coated just because the other person’s feelings may be hurt in the process. 

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If you don’t speak your truth then you will be the one whose feelings are downtrodden! Women are natural caregivers, so a lot of us put others’ feelings over our own. In 2020, we, as a collective gender, must stop. being. pushovers! Like my mama always told me, pushovers only end up six feet under or serving sentences.


Trust me, I’m the **retired** queen of pushovers! Nobody knows the struggle of yelling your true thoughts in your head and saying something completely different. My biggest advice you ask? Just shake it off! I know, I know, easier said than done. Don’t worry, be the change you want to see! And if all else fails, stick it to the man! 

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By downplaying your emotions, you’re unwillingly allowing someone to take control over you.