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Elaborate nail art is becoming more widely accepted with designs seen on runways, A-list celebrities and influencers.

When seasons change, style changes. With springtime quickly approaching and the cold gloomy weather beginning to see itself out, new nail trends are beginning to appear for the spring and summer 2021 seasons. Do you want to stay on trend with nail art? Keep reading to find out how to “nail” the ever changing trends.


3D French Tips

French nails are as classic as they come. Although the exact origins are contested, Max Factor and Jeff Pink, founder of nail brand Orly, are often credited. 

The French manicure in its more historic terms is a natural nail with a white tip carving out the top of the nail. This trend began fading out and was often seen as a nail style for older women. However, nail artists have added their own spins to the classic design. From encapsulated tips to cow print tips, French manicures have seen a revival. 

How to style it: 3D tips are the latest addition. Using complementary shades of the same color, small strips of color are added to the curve of the tip. Once top-coated, these curves appear to be a 3D design. The truth? This design looks good with just about any color. Just pick one and stick within the same color family. It’s so realistic that your design will be jumping off your nail!


Browns of all shades have been a staple since about summer 2020. If this is your cup of tea then you’re in luck; it won’t be warming down anytime soon. Earthy colors are here to stay, and what’s more earthy than the actual color of mud?


How to style it: Mix and match different browns. A trend that’s stuck around since fall is wearing an ascending shade of brown on each finger. Browns and matte topcoats are matches made in heaven. The muted topcoat accentuates the undertones in each shade. If you really want your next set to pop, thank us later and go for matte instead of glossy. 

Tapered Square/Coffin

With the rise of more natural nail styles, the almond nail shape reigned supreme. It is the perfect medium between the pointy sharp coffin and the ultra-smooth oval. However, spring and summer are the perfect times to add more playfulness to one’s look. Because of this, the coffin and tapered square shapes are coming back to snatch the crown.

How to style it: This one is easy. Since coffin and tapered square are nail shapes and not technically designs, they go with anything! Whip up your favorite nail art design and chances are it’ll look great on these nails.




Nudes and Sherberts

Nudes are a timeless color. They go with everything! However, they’ve taken on the stereotypes of “simple” and “safe.” Do you love nudes but want to add some edge to them? Add in a hint of a sherbet color design on top of your nudes! 


How to style it: Go ahead and apply your fave nude acrylic powder or gel polish. Once that’s done, add “swivels” of sherbet colors in no particular fashion over top. Sherberts are pastels’ funky older cousins. They’re not as vibrant as neons, but not as muted as pastels. Because of this, they’re the perfect partner for a nude base. Mix and match colors or just stick with one — it’ll look great either way.

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